Unique Tabletop Lamp Inspired from Cactus

Lighting is not just the appliance lights only, but has become an element of interior. Currently, lighting design is even more unique and creative, so we should be easier to select the appropriate lighting design with our interior design. How about tabletop lamp design inspired by Cactus below? We know that every unique design element can be eye catching for an interior decor.
For you plants enthusiasts, especially cactus plant, Live Lamp is the right choice. This cactus lamp can be a natural element that will be present into your interior design. In fact this is not cactus plants replica made from an artificial cactus, but it is native plants that grow naturally.
This plant is Tillandsia air plant globe and can withstand from UV rays and dust. If you are interested with Live Lamp, you must immediately order it because Live Lamp is a limited edition item by toHold. For more information just check it out Etsy.

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