Pink and white combination for your Bedroom

White furniture combined walls pink accents for the bedroom make it is look beautiful. White is the magic color, paired with any color, white can be aligned. Its presence makes a perfect combination. Solid colors become stronger if coupled with pastel. What if combined with the pink?
In the following bedroom photos, pink filling one wall, while in other parts filled with white. Pink color emitted from wallcover motivated, while other areas were painted white wall. To offset the soft wall color, floor closed mega grown maple parquet. And the result is a perfect combination for a bedroom interior design.
Pink and white is a blend of romantic and can give warm effect and also welcoming. Pink combined with white will give young atmosphere, energetic and innocent impression. No matter if the combination will be applied to child or adult bedrooms. Pink also matching if paired with blue, green and natural colors. It’s properly used in the bedroom.

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