choose the home bar furniture

if you have food or more money you can add a bar near your kitchen. because the bar is an alternative place to sit and gathering the entire family in an informal atmosphere than the table ate.

add a bar near the kitchen just by doing a little selection of home improvement and renovation of furniture that fits.

A good way is to adjust furniture and bar with a theme the style of your home. bars should have a characteristic or two bar furniture without having to separate the bar and bar with decor furniture are nearby.

and not less important is convenience, because the bar is not comfortable going to make someone who was in the bar would not feel at ease to linger in it, so think about longevity and comfort when you find the perfect bar furniture.
to be able to help your creativity, try to see the magazine for get ideas from other people's houses a bar and a little bit gather ideas for your bar furniture later.

most people spend time and endure long hours talking and spending money on the corner of the bar, so do not be hasty presents many angles at the bar because they have to adjust your the other room.

A Sweet Way To Create Candle Light

Victoria Delany surely knows how to produce a perfect ambient. The designer is eminent for her inspirational works and her latest collection was a total hit on the market.

The designer knows how to grab the attention and to transform your home décor with her stylish and unusual visions. Her latest works are already praised for they are interesting and add a romantic and bold atmosphere, no matter where they are placed.

Her lacquered candlesticks are really innovative pieces of art that will match any home interior, as long as you like the colorful game of the candlesticks. They are made with special wood and represent the modern vision of an old idea.

We have seen lavish candlesticks that fit luxury and futuristic interiors, we have also seen modern candlesticks made with simplicity- but all of those didn’t brought us the charm that can be found in Victoria Delany`s collection.

The wooden components are in different colors and you can set them in colorful combination and different positions. The silver- wooden candlesticks are also representing a fine contrast, for they are a combination of modern and old spirit.

The candlesticks are in limited edition and they are entirely hand- made. You can find them on the designer`s website.

home improvement loan

home improvement loan is a type of loan to finance your home or property repaired houses. but before you do a home improvement loan you must have a detailed calculation, which part will be corrected, estimates that it incurred costs for repairs, as well as an unexpected increase in costs. Typically home improvement loans are given against first mortgage with your current lender.

room house can be repaired include bedroom, bathroom, new kitchen, maintenance and repair of public property.

with credit

before getting credit home improvement loan you should study carefully because each bank or lender has a different loan interest payments. usually for the amount, the bank or loan lender home improvement loans from home equity you specify. so the higher your home equity will be higher too so your credit loan, and vice versa.


Home improvement loans usually are paid in a payment in proportion to the work being done and the contractor may be paid directly from the lender. With mortgage refinancing, you may be able reduce your payments, defer payments or release some cash for home improvements. A personal loan for home improvements do not require you to have equity in your home or borrow against the value of your home. This is a loan disbursed by either a finance company or bank to finance your home improvement project.

Home Improvement should not be a test, but an opportunity to increase your home value with home improvements. Most of the contractors involved in the repair of houses of honest, reliable and skilled, but some are not. contractor must notify you, before you get into the home improvement contract, from any building or construction permit is required. More adventurous homeowners do to host self-improvement, dealing with home renovation projects such as installing hardwood or tile floor bathroom. Home improvement work, including changes, renovations, repairs or replacement of buildings or parts of buildings used as residence. Landscape improvements and swimming pools can also in many cases regarded as home. others chose to leave the house until the repairs professionals, bringing contractors to handle bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, deck building and many more dream home renovation projects.

in broad outline, all the measures taken to increase the sales value of homes should be considered home improvement. excluding home improvement work on buildings kondomonium more than four or more single-family units and publicly owned land.

Hard Rock Las Vegas

As part of Hard Rock Las Vegas’ resort-wide remodel, Las Vegas design firm Chemical Spaces was commissioned to design several one-of-a-kind pool suites intended to accommodate VIP guests of the resort. Local designer Mark Tracy, Chemical Spaces’ owner and principal design consultant, designed and oversaw installation of the individual suites.

The suites were designed with the intent to cater to Hard Rock’s young, hip, and music-oriented guests. With each suite boasting a unique theme/motif, the suites each walk out to the newly-designed Hard Rock pool and bring a new element to the Hard Rock resort.

improve and extend life carpet

there were two ways to improve your home carpet you can do yourself, it means you can save money from repairing the carpet or buy a new carpet. the home carpets that can be damaged almost unavoidable, to find ways to improve your home carpet

Two ways that can be done is to cut and plug or restretching.

Cut and plug is used when a small carpet damage such as burn or stain affected. areas damaged carpet is cut and replaced by taking a piece of carpet area is still good and fit the parts that hurt. to match the broken parts you need some material including: a knife, work gloves, markers, scissors, tape one side and painters tape. and follow the steps.

1. Cut out the damaged section, use gloves to protect your hands. round cut with a knife on the carpet that is damaged.

2. find parts that match the carpet the carpet is damaged.

3. Cut out according to your area have been removed. Put your gloves to protect your hands, then use your empty can to cut round cut with your utility knife - called the plug.

4. Use tape marked with arrows to mark the fur rug on the part you cut. Then use a piece of ribbon to mark the bed just outside the cut in the usual carpet.

5. adhesive tape to place one hand behind your new.

6. remove the protective cover of the new cuts, and align the cut sections.

7. Once you're sure everything fits correctly and properly align the balance of your adhesive tape on a new piece.

8. Lay into place and pressed the company to ensure the glue sticks.

9. Now you will see a new piece like having a higher bed. That's because not used. You'll want to put a pile of heavy books or something similar on the repair to flatten the carpet. Leave there at least several days.

10. Remove the heavy objects and check for any loose or frayed tip. Trim away if necessary.

11. Check to make sure your adhesive has been rooted primarily in the margins. If you need more now is the time to do so.

12. Your job is done, relax.

restretching useful for removing wrinkles, wrinkles in the carpet. tool used is the knee kicker you can rent. restretching can also prolong your favorite carpet. As for the way is as follows:

1. pull the carpet from the wall and remove the baseboard

2. using knee pressure to make karrpet taut and tight in one direction

3. Tack it down then kick the carpet in the other direction, and tactics down.

4. Any surplus can be trimmed away

5. and finally replace baseboard

apparently not too difficult to fix his own rug

Unique bedroom design

make some people take advantage of the room for the reading favorite books is probably a difficult thing. but you can try designing your bedroom like this. with two windows beside the left and right will help lighting your room, so it will not disturb you in reading your books collection.

collection of books you will look more tidy so that the room will be impressed bigger although you only have a small room. so that your bedroom does not look stiff, then you can add a picture in it or ornamental plants.

you will not feel bored with your reading because you can also see the scenery around your room from the window. lighting the room just to paint the room color selection is very important.

french style in your kitchen

with minor changes, your kitchen will be like a French country decor. with doing some minor touch on your kitchen walls with stencils on the walls adds, coordinating tablecloth and add dishware.

not need to add new furniture into your home and expensive, but so upbeat french kitchen, you need to take the example of French kitchens in. such as paint color selection of unique kitchen. and look at your wardrobe, if you can paint it looks dull, it will be more economical than buying new and you will bring a new atmosphere on the impact of your kitchen space.

accessories are important to your kitchen more nuanced old country in french. Concentrate on getting tablecloths, dishware and tubes, in colors and patterns that match with your French country look.

in France alone key their kitchen to look beautiful kitchen is the room lighting. So, you should also give priority to the lighting factor. you should give a good overhead lighting, crystal lamp post and the point you have to avoid all things that are too modern with straight lines.

Painting your walls can be one of the biggest changes and least expensive in the French country style decorating your home decorating project. To see the color of this room makes a big difference - you should think about using either light yellow or light blue either in your wall color or accessory. Try using light colored paint with crown ornament on the wall, or if you want something different go with stenciling.

paint your walls, then decorative. to add an interesting effect on your kitchen use an old furniture such as plates and bowls that you can find used goods market. you can see examples of kitchens in France who seem simple but luxurious and classy

New Modern Bedroom Interior Design 2010

modern bedroom designs 2010

modern bedroom interior designs

new modern bedroom designs ideas

modern bedroom interior designs

improve yourself, your home toilet

If your bathroom floor toilet water leaks or there is no unpleasant smell around the toilet like the smell a rat, maybe rubber ring your bathroom toilet was not working properly and it's time you replace it.
so this time we will discuss the repair the house, exactly replace the rubber ring toilet.

If the toilet rocks when sitting at the top, from time to time in the ring toilet wax may deteriorate and fail. This failure manifests itself in the formation of small water leak at the base of the toilet odor. If allowed, damage can occur on the bathroom floor and the gas that is not safe to build a ditch at home. A new toilet wax ring must be replaced each time the toilet removed (eg during the installation of new bathroom floor).

replace a toilet wax ring is easy, with little knowledge and preparation can replace your own. Probably for beginners takes one to two hours for her to change. The basic steps required to change a toilet wax ring begins with a lethal waterways clean and empty tank and a bowl of water. Also need to cut supply lines from the toilet. Next the anchor nut, secured the Hold-Down Bolts need to open the lid. Toilet flange and then removed from the toilet and reversed. Old toilet wax ring can then be shredded and removed from the base of toilets, and floors can be cleaned from the remnants of the old wax ring.

New toilet wax ring and then pressed into the toilet and the toilet base and then reseated the toilet flange. Anchor nut and then re-Hold chaotic back bolts and reconnect the supply line. Water supply line to the toilet and then turning it back on and the toilet back in business.

Swedish Architecture

Swedish architecture firm visiondivisionhas created this amazing project “the Peak Series,” pre-fabricated summer houses that allows a great portion of social life on a relatively small space. While being a comfortable vacation home for a family it can also easily accommodate a large amount of guests thanks to a sleeping mezzanine floor.The house is pyramidal in its shape with a wood façade with a gap between each board allowing climbing.

Divided into three floors, the middle level is the sleeping mezzanine, where a large number of guests can be accommodated. It is sandwiched between the open social first floor with a kitchen and living room, and the upper level which houses the master bedroom with bathroom.

Each guest bed can be reached through a private entrance hatch, that can be accessed from the house’s exterior. The hatches also act as individual fire escapes and provide a nice view of the surrounding landscape from one’s bed. The upper floor has hatches from the bedroom and bathroom. The pre-fabricated summer houses are available in two sizes: 45 m2 and 90 m2.

Each guest bed has a private entrance hatch accessed from the house’s exterior. These hatches apart from being useful during fire emergency also provide a great view of the surrounding landscape. The houses are extremely airy, and are available in two sizes: 45 m2 and 90 m2. Initially available for Scandinavian countries, Vision Division has plans to design adaptable structures for different climes.

French Furniture at its Best

A new exhibition spotlights the glamorous works of Maison Leleu

Maison Leleu, the French design firm founded by Jules Leleu, achieved international fame in the 1920s and ’30s, becoming synonymous with Art Deco at its most refined and luxurious. But the company continued to produce furnishings for decades after World War II, under the direction of Jules’s two sons, André and Jean. A stunning exhibition of furniture and lighting at Manhattan’s Maison Gerard proves that even as the firm adapted to modernity—incorporating materials such as aluminum, glass, steel, and fiberglass into its pieces—it never lost its exquisite sensibility or signature understated elegance. In the new era, function may have dictated form, but it could never banish beauty at Maison Leleu.

White Beige Airy Interior Design Ideas

This spacious loft space in SE London is designed to be used as photo shooting location. Its interior is done in white-beige color theme which looks very light and airy. White walls and white painted floorboards highlight beauties of classic distressed French furniture with beige colored elements. The space features 24 foot ceiling and 12 foot windows that bring a huge amount of daylight in the interior. Even though it isn’t always possible to create such interior in real life its airy design is a great example of what you could achieve with using of similar color theme.

45 Awesome Cool Kids Bed Room Design [PICS]

Designing a bedroom could be a significant issue in re-designing your home. The problem might grow bigger if you have to do it for a child – a girl in particular. But worry no more, as we got some girls bedroom design ideas

Here are 45 colorful kids room design pictures  to help you in designing and decorating your kid’s room.