ideas for the bathroom wall

this is especially true when combined with a touch of color from plants, towels, wooden furniture and decorative accessories bathroom. confused, what to do with your bathroom wall? The safest answer is to paint the bathroom walls with white paint, and stop there. interior bathroom will look quite good with white. this happens when you combine it with wooden furniture, decorative accessories and blend colors in the form of plants.

another way to beautify your bathroom wall is
  • use a sponge, up to you and depending on the theme of your bathroom. let's say, we have a beach theme, insulate the walls with yellow, blue and green will give you tremendous effect. Sponge effect will add a certain movement and passion to the bathroom but it will not burden the feeling of space with a heavy blunt.
  • dark colorsunlike other interior spaces, where the bathroom is a very functional compared to the other room yan we spend our time there, such as bedroom and living room. a bathroom tends to be enjoyed alone is usually used when we showered. therefore we tried different from usual, tried to play with a dark color.
    Why choose a dark color? dark colors can easily customize the decorations such as sculptures, paintings, stencils and of course your bathroom fixtures.
  •  Stencils, Using stencils allow much creativity. Can this be shown in the patterns Used, the texture of the paint and Also the arrangement of the stencil designs in the bathroom interior. It could be shown in the pattern used, the texture of the paint and also the composition of the interior design stencils in the bathroom. That subjects are found in stencil cuttings include flowers, animals, abstract patterns, comic heroes, nature scenes and Also lettering. The subjects found in the stencil pieces including flowers, animals, abstract patterns, comic heroes, nature scenes and also letters. I'm rather fond of stencils and Used Them have a lot in my previous designs. I rather liked the stencil and have used them a lot in my previous design.

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