choosing roof for your home

exterior design is as important as interior design. the roof is not just for home protection from rain and heat, but the roof also has great architectural value as well.
to choose your roof is faced with many choices, from the flat, mansard, gabble, pyramids, hipped, shed. but in general the house more often use this type of roof saltbox.

Flat roof is the simplest roof. widely used in ancient times, now characterizes the roof of the small towns and villages. flat roofs have low prices but the rate at which damage to the roof is also spelled out quickly. so money does not lie, the price affects the quality of goods.

mansard roof, the roof can be marked on a flat area and the triangle in the corner, and many are used to house architecture in France, because the country of origin of this roof

gable, roof type most often used and recommended by the architect's house, because of its triangular shape to facilitate the flow of rainwater and minimize damage to the roof.

saltbox roof, have similar physical features with less gable and only distinguishable from its size.

to be able to produce a beautiful roof and strong, talk to the architect's house or building construction

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