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If you want to capture the French point of view, you should look for things like cracked wood beams, curved panels, hand-carved decorations and the floor and walls of raw materials such as stone or brick. The walls of plaster or wood raw moody depression can also provide the French state.

In the style has a spider crack to change the color of paint or a bit 'of paint that adds character. So do not bother to correct any imperfections.

Some architectural elements of the shutters for the windows, very narrow cut the window frame and the window of striped canvas top to prevent heat loss.

But if you just want to push for change little 'French at home without too many walls and floors. You can find rustic furniture, large dining room Wooding rectangular or round with wax or matte natural finish. The dining chair has a style ladderback or a pipe for her.

If you are looking for a place or a table at random, you should look for a curve or have a design carved in wood. In addition, a large closet, covered by the theme, offering a place to store dishes, linen garments, or whatever you want.

The next step will be to decorate your home with fabrics and accessories. You must use the hardware cloth, linen or cotton, white, cream or yellow with contrasting colors are vivid. You can select themes such as monkeys, the eighteenth century court scenes and models of Chinese who dominate the French design.

Also look for large, thick woven baskets, pieces of clay or old metal pitchers, a unit of iron garden racks, Chinese ceramics and adapts to all with a French theme. This means that you can get ceramic plates, tiles, tablecloths and curtains are in good roosters, sunflowers, beetles or lavender. You can save money if you get in flea markets and antique shops.

The final touch will be of interest. Fresh flowers would be ideal, such as lavender, geranium, and sunflower seeds are great for giving the French country style that you want.

You can put flowers in copper pots, planters, vases, glass jug or old. You must use a variety of colors and organize are not too simple or elegant. See more natural turf of France.

Regardless if you want to remove all or just change some things in house to get the look of the French countryside. You can use this idea to get a bit 'of Provence to your home country

steel roof as an option houses a durable material and interesting

One of the most important element that should be our concern when creating a plan to build a house is the roof. Homeowners who are concerned with quality as well as taking into account budgetary funds will definitely try to find the best quality at a price that is certainly included in their budget. Speaking of quality, there would be direct to choose the longer the remaining life, the level of practicality without compromising the essence of the value of the function and beauty. Steel roof may be the one - the only option that has all the criteria.

Steel roof has been proven to withstand all kinds of good weather is hot, rainy, cold and even snow though. In addition, also have a durable life among the other roofing material choice. Currently none of the manufacturers have provided a wide selection of sizes, thickness, shape and price. The number of alternatives is of course also easier for you when trying to choose the appropriate to the design and budget funds.

Indeed to this day, to install its own recommended better use of professional services (usually from the store where you bought also provide installation services of this roof.) It is more because it is necessary detailed calculations related to the slope of the roof structure of each house is different and the calculation of air flow that will be required for occupancy can be comfortable. And all the calculations that can not be done arbitrarily. That's also why there are 2 main types of roof structures roof structure with a low slope (requires a waterproof panel) and the roof structure with extreme slope.

That - those things tend to be technical, we seldom realize its significance and function but later it clear we as residents will feel the effects, namely the presence of air flow and how much heat that can be muted during the dry season because this would affect the comfort of home you.

Apart from the technical side, the selection of materials, especially steel roof for the building of modern and contemporary home, it was felt to have an enormous influence on how much budget you need time to build and how long the service life of each material that is in your residence (relation also with residential renovation later you will need).

maintain the exterior beauty of home

Beauty starts from a home exterior look beautiful. Garden with a manicured lawn and neat, uniform wall paint and color - the color of interest and other decorating accessories organized and well groomed. Many people think that to achieve it all is tough, but with a few simple steps you can make the overall look of your home become more attractive. Here are some simple steps you can do to get an attractive residential and beautiful throughout the year.

Consider the details - details on your garden. Choose plants - plants that vary in color - colorful flowers that will make the park look more alive and beautiful. Plant flowers such as red carnations, orange lilies, hibiscus pink or purple, and yellow roses are a few examples of flowering plant that is quite interesting. Besides the selection of plant species, such as choice accessories percantikan trimmer pots and sculpture in the park are also very influential. You can try to find the pot - a pot of clay or plastic instead of color - many colors (all options are back on themes and designs that you like). Set back the location of the stone - the stepping stone coral (the existing footpath on the home page.) Cut and trim the grass that looks messy.

Another way to beautify the appearance of your dwelling is to update the color of wall paint on the walls of your residence. Try to match the exterior color with the color - the color that still match the color on the inside of your residence. You can also apply color buffer accents on window and door frames. Do not forget for a little more courage to give contrast to the view outside your residence, in addition will also enhance the residential feel will create more attractive and character.

Also, give little attention to the lighting and layout of the lights on outside your residential bagia, especially for decorative lights. Choose energy-efficient lights and has a color that fits with the overall design theme of your dwelling. Selection of the appropriate light color will give a very different shades at dusk and at night.

The last but not least important when talking about the exterior of the house is a water channel or gutter. Clean the gutters in front of your dwelling, do not there is a blockage. With the current sewer, will reduce the number of mosquitoes, and most importantly reduce the risk of flooding during the rainy season comes. A comfortable home would not only unsightly but also makes you and your family feel at home - long enjoy family togetherness.

choose a good location for your garden

To create a garden that really - really beautiful in your home, there are several steps you must go through so that no home - just random. First is you should be able to determine the type and theme of its design, whether vertical or horizontal, whether inside or outdoors. In addition, there are still some other catalyst that you need to further develop your basic concept.

The next step is you have to think about the source of water, determination of location is closely associated with water sources are located, how you will water your plants, how the water drains when it rains. Determining the exact location is the most important factor when talking about the garden, because it will affect also on how much sunlight is required, the type of plant. To know the factors of light rays of the sun, you can do a little observation on the location you plan for your garden. Observe how long the site was exposed to the sun, how much of the area that tends to shade, how hot the influence of sunlight. All this is absolutely for you to know in order not wrong when choosing the appropriate type of plant.

Actually if you want diruntut greater detail, there are so many factors to be considered before determining the location of your garden, but at least by knowing the direction of sunlight, species of plants and taking into account the location of the source of water, enough for you to start forming a small garden in your home area .

4 simple tips on home remodeling

consider re-renovate your house, because this short article offers tips that can save a lot of costs to improve your residential decor. In fact, the idea of ​​house redecorated this can you start despite only having a small budget and take advantage of many products that are cheap for a new look for where you live it. Prioritizing give priority to the elements - essential elements such as doors, living room, kitchen and only then proceed to the bedroom.

1. Perhaps the most important process in re renovating your home will be little cause chaos, because one thing that is easy to do that is vote and dispose of goods - goods that are no longer used in the interior of your dwelling. This not only produces a larger room in your home but also give the impression of more room so neat and clean.

2. Think about what colors you want to be applied in different rooms. Use light effects lighting and soothing colors in your bedroom for a child's room while the color can be customized with their own choice. Try decorating according to themes such as their favorite fairy tale or animal.

3. If you do not really - really need it, do not buy new furniture, because in the end will increase the budget should you spend. You can repaint some furniture and other accessories so that it has a new look. Rearrange the layout of some furniture and other furniture in the room will also create new nuances in your interior.

4. Find accessories and curtains that you want to use. Brightly colored floral curtains can add a nuance of freshness. Use your creativity to decorate the room. For a more personal touch, you can try to lay wreaths and a few other accessories. Even the photos - photos of family members can make room atmosphere becomes warmer.

There are still many home ideas that you can create and kreasikan itself to the creation of a comfortable home for you and your family. Do not be afraid to experiment when making your residential renovations.

home insurance

accidents can happen anytime and anywhere without your knowledge. fire accident could have happened to you, eliminating hundreds or even millions of your dollars. our hard-earned efforts to build a house is lost in one night.

of course, me and you do not want this to happen. it's time to be a smart decision, namely to secure the value of your investment. securing your home from the accident with the insured.

if you insure your property, (home insurance), of course you feel you have to keep calm and maintain your work of your valuable investment. because home prices will continue to rise annually over the population. so let us insure our pet's house, before the disaster on you.

get more lighting in the darkened interior of the house

If the interior of your home has a room that needs lighting a little more, you do not have to worry about doing renovations with a large budget. Simply by following a few simple steps, then at least you will feel a change in the intensity of light in your residence.

Here we provide three of the easiest ways you can immediately apply in your home:

1. Increase the power of light (lights, main lights and decorative lamps) inside your dwelling. Logically, if you feel the need for lighting is much brighter then the easiest way is to increase the power of the light used. This does not mean then you should be more wasteful of energy, because you still can choose energy-saving light but has a larger light. Calculated in detail the amount of power if needed before you begin to rearrange the electrical installation in your home.

2. Try doing a little more environmentally friendly renovation, one way to make a Solatube. Solatube is a light pipe made of sunlight into the interior of the house through the roof so that when during the day, you no longer need the lights to illuminate your home. For installation and installation of Solatube, you should consult with a lighting designer, especially to make the design construction.

3. Use the method of passive lighting. This method is also considered environmentally friendly and energy efficient because the main pattern is reflected light that is out to get into the interior of your home. Can use a white wall paint color selection (or other bright color), the selection of carpet colors, accessories in the residential character reflects the light from outside.

One of the blessings that we must be grateful for living in Indonesia is the sun that shines all year round, even in the rainy season when we still can feel the sun. And the presence of sunlight in the interior of the house, not just healthy but also makes us should be able to become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. With proper settings, then the use of additional lights as decorative lights on we can also maximize occupancy without reducing the level of intensity of light that is in our neighborhood.