How to sew a decorative handtowel

Give basic linen an edge – our modern take on the trimmed handtowel will brighten up your bathroom, and is so quick and easy to make.

There’s nothing nicer than a pile of freshly washed handtowels in the bathroom, especially when you’re hosting guests. These thick linen towels, trimmed with brightly coloured ribbon or lace, are a contemporary alternative to the traditional monogrammed look.

What you will need

  1. 1 x 60cm x 30cm piece of linen per towel;
  2. Dressmakers’ pins;
  3. Sewing machine ;
  4. Thread (white and coloured);
  5. Iron;
  6. 35cm length of ribbon, lace or braid per towel

How to sew the handtowel

Pin and sew a 1.5cm rolled hem around all four sides of the linen to make the towel. Press the hem.
Pin a length of ribbon, braid or rickrack along the bottom, short edge of the towel. Turn the towel over when you get to the end and pin along the reverse side as well.
Use thread in a matching colour to sew the trimming onto the towel, tucking the loose ends of the trim in neatly as you go. Snip the threads and press the towel.

Dyed lace

If you can’t find the trim you want, you can dye 100 per cent cotton lace to your desired shade for a bright, modern trim. Simply follow the instructions on the packet to prepare your lace, then wash, dry and iron before attaching to the towel to prevent colour run staining the linen. Via; Home Life

Breaksoap by Dave Hakkens

Though everybody knows clearly that hand pump is more hygienic and easier to use than hand soap, they seldom realize there’re lots of chemicals contained in the soap pump which may hurt your skin. Providing a clever solution to that, Dave Hakkens has created the Breaksoap, a new kind of soap that is divided into small pieces for personal use. Do you need it?

Sustainability Goes to the Dogs

When Los Angeles-based landscape architect Stephanie Rubin decided to experiment with green roofs, she wanted to start on a small scale. But, she explains, “It’s really not sustainable to create a display that has no practical application.” She came up with a model that could serve as both an example of her work and a resting spot for her pup. That led to the launch of Sustainable Pet Design, a collection of bird- and doghouses made with eco-friendly woods and materials and topped off with lush green roofs. Since it wouldn’t be sustainable to toss out your old doghouse for one of Rubin’s models, here’s how to give your pup’s pad a green makeover.

United Arab Emirates Luxury House Designs

Erlich Architects has designed the New Moon Dubbed Helal Residence which is located in the United Arab Emirates. In this house, the contemporary design has mixed with the modern technology without abandoned the Islamic architecture elements. The interior is flooded by sunlight and the intricate plaster lattice pattern is placed in the entrance perfectly. Inspired by the Bedouin tent, the giant roof structure is cantilevered 30 feet on each side that provides huge shading. This is a luxury residence in 35.000sq.ft.which is including the luxury super pool, manicured gardens and modern architecture in the Persian Gulf desert

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Kid’s Rooms

5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Renovate Kid’s RoomsChildren’s rooms and play areas are always an area of concern for parents and care givers. When deciding to change paint color, refinish furniture, or renovate their rooms, being eco-friendly for their health and the Earth’s health need to be considered.

Exquisite Family Residence in Shades of Blue

Exquisite Family Residence in Shades of BlueLocated in Montería, Colombia, this exquisite family residence comes from Antonio Sofan Architecture and Interiors Studio and has a unique design in shades of blue. The house was constructed within the Sinu Valley, known as one of the most fertile lands on the globe and has wonderful views of the Sinu River.

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Contemporary Penthouse Interior Design

 Contemporary Penthouse Interior DesignBUILD LLC is a big designer firm which normally works for designing of pent houses. Shown below is a two storey penthouse designed for a couple who lives in contemporary style. The use of bamboo is extensive throughout the house and lots of walnut furniture to organize and keep things tidy. The glass stairs above a glowing shower enclave is one of the most fascinating interior design ideas. The design is a contemporary design but still very comfortable and warm. Because of its wonderful location the penthouse has amazing views from three sides of the pent house.

Architectural Design Models for Quality Outputs

Architectural Design Models for Quality OutputsArchitectural design is the art of making models, concepts and information about building the future. In a method of converting the architectural sketches and designs of handmade paper-based to a digital format. Using architectural design architects create 3D models for various purposes such as interior design to make exterior design and floor plan design. Custom design architecture enables users to make changes as required.

Dyson vacuum cleaner cheap

James Dyson is famous for revolutionizing the world of appliances with its famous bagless and without loss of suction. He released two new models the DC 22 "Baby" and the DC 24 "Ball".

Dyson DC 22 - Baby

Why release a model third smaller than normal sized Dyson vacuum?
James Dyson ever anxious to meet new challenges of everyday life (housing becoming smaller, storage concerns, less time spent on housework ...), the brand has released this model "Baby" of the DC 22 which is smaller , lighter and easy to store.

This marvel of 4.9 kg is equipped with a telescopic tube that wraps around the unit to maximize storage. Little more, it is equipped with Core Separator technology, to treat even more dust for better filtering, rejecting an air 150 times cleaner than the ambient air.

Street Price: 524 $

Dyson DC 24 - Ball

An innovation is the initiator of the creation of this model, the technology patented The Ball TM, which places the center of gravity low for better handling. We had the opportunity to test it during the demo Dyson, the vacuum is easily sneak into your furniture because you obey the finger and oeuil a flick of the wrist.

The DC 24 "Ball" is also Apiro-brush the lightest Dyson, displaying a weight of 5.4 kg on the scale.

Like the DC 22 "Baby" emptying the collector is more hygienic, it is just one click. Both vacuums contain no bag, are provided with permanent filters (it is just enough to wash) and engender and not spending more.

Street Price: 525 $

Hermle Grandfather Clocks : Home Furnishings

A grandfather clock can be a decorative device object. First, the gong of the watch brings a homey feeling in the four walls and on the other hand there are many modern models, which can enhance a room visually. The watch company has Hermle wall next to specialize in grandfather clocks. But own the models even with a modern residential facility?Hermle Clocks connection between Antique and Modern

 Hermle clocks, Hermle offers different clock models. For one the ancient oak clocks do not necessarily fit into a modern apartment, but can be also used depending on your taste and style of fracture on the other hand, the very modern models that fit perfect into novel areas. The fashionable watches are handled simply and with materials such as glass. Sterile colors and rectilinear shapes make avant-garde eye-catchers. The Model "Park Avenue" fits perfectly fashionable for such a facility. It is timeless and her black acrylic glass makes it a modern dwelling. Other very old models such as "Eton" are however also suitable for one or the other in style. It is the very ancient documents may stir up the rest Möbeliar and create a new, yet modern style.


Hermle clocks have a price

Due to their excellent quality and high-quality materials have the Hermle timepiece at a price. But just in case clocks is actually only less time for her role as knife, but more to the fringes. Grandfather clocks are just as furnishings such as cabinets and therefore Hermle also works with the utmost passion for the designs. Prices range 766 - 3,831 $.