Unique seat and dual function

If camping does not want to miss the comfort of a chair with a table to be used for eating, reading or working, this case do not miss the Camping Chair-Table.
chair design that can double as a chair or table can be folded for simple and small size when folded.

Designed by Brazilian designer Paulo Henrique Storch and Rafael Calloni, it is a folding element, and absolutely ideal to occupy as little space as possible, high yield, as it allows the user to use not only the seat but also the support of table.

The material used is polypropylene, steel and aluminum, to give not only lightweight but also durable. Measurements are 72 x 77 x 40 cm.

Minimalism in Interior Design Homes by Future Studio


Japan-based Future Studio have a few shots of beautiful minimalist interior design homes in their portfolio which will make you wonder about how the intelligent use of space can be beautiful while being simple. Above is the Wrap House, which has quite an interesting architecture, with some parts of the house exposed at odd angles.


Here’s a photo of the dining area which opens out to the oddly-shaped balcony. You’ll notice the sparse interior decoration of the house. It only uses very conservative, dark-colored and simple dining room furniture and light fixtures.


The picture window above the couch isn’t exactly necessary because you already get plenty of natural light from the clear glass panels, although it’s there to highlight the beauty of the minimalist home design. Interior design homes that are minimal uses the inordinate amount of blank space as a statement or an enhancement to its beauty, which is what the designer achieved in the photo above.


The photo above shows a little pebble garden integrated within the interiors of the home. It shows spaces being subdivided by translucent glass panels. The glass dividers add a pleasant textural dimension to the whiteness of the interior design.


Here’s the bathroom of the house, designed to be consistent with the minimalist intent of the whole home and divided by glass panels for texture

tips for your outdoor lights

Perfect lighting outside your house is great to enhance the beauty of it, but pick out the wrong lighting can ruin the whole neighborhood. Knowing what the lighting will suit your home and garden is important. Your dream to stroll into the garden at night with lights to create the perfect atmosphere and the wind was blowing gently on your face can become a reality, you just need to know what, and how, to get out of the room where the lighting is right for you. outdoor lighting is also useful for security reasons. When the days get shorter, especially in winter, outdoor lighting can extend the day and dramatically change your outdoor environment. With proper planning you can also create a space outside to entertain your guests.
Outdoor lighting can be divided into four categories:
security lighting: This lighting used to illuminate vulnerabel areas of your property. It is recommended though to keep it away from homes so as not to interfere, because the lights used are bright and often motion activated. You can also have a manual on / off switch for your lighting so you can override automatic illumination.
Task lighting: This type of lighting for specific purposes such as outdoor grilling or walking safely up and down stairs and along the road. Task lighting should be kept between the eye and the objects to be lit. Try to avoid glare, the light is too light will blind rather than guide.
Accent lighting: This can create dramatic effect, or highlight an unusual feature. For example, until the lighting can illuminate interesting piece of statuary. Silhouetting can be achieved by keeping the light between the object and a fence or wall. General lighting or lighting can display a whole so people feel comfortable and look good.
Moonlighting or starlight – you can also imitate moonlight or starlight to create magical lighting. Moonlighting can be produced by placing outdoor lights on trees. The lights should be pointing downward to create a mottled effect, as if the area was lit by a full moon. And what could be more beautiful than nature itself a gift to us – the stars at night! This can be replicated with delay small lights in the branches of trees to create a sparkling night time canopy, or with flickering candles, sprinkled here and there throughout the space.
Tips to remember:
No matter what type of lighting you want, remember not to over do it, less is more when it comes to lighting. Do not use lights where they do not need, and you can also fine with using low-watt bulb. Also be careful to not send the light “on”. Do not use lights in straight lines up and down the streets like the airport runway effect which is a very common mistake.
Avoid using yellow lights because they are not pleasant for both people and plants. Instead of using blue-white light or the purchase of daylight-blue filters for your equipment. Lamps should be stored where they can be easily accessed to replace the light bulb. After setting up your outdoor lighting, get outside after dark and light up the night!

Futuristic House Interior

black white future room design ideas

minimalist futuristic room interior design

Every triangle carries black, white, and rainbow shades. I think that in about 4 or 5 years this idea might be on the market, and then you will be changing the method your studio apartment design looks daily, and who knows maybe design like this will be the future of any modern building interior design.

Top Futuristic House Interior Design Ideas Photos Gallery

futuristic interior design wall color decor

We presents latest top pictures gallery about modern futuristic house interior design ideas with beautiful and colorful styles which can be your design inspiration. Creative living room interior decor designed by Amirko aka Amirkhan Abdurakhmanov, this room design is very enrich full of future technology design that can be applied in the bedroom, living room, or other room that you want. This modern home design concept will offer you the option to completely change the look of a room without having to reach for the paint buckets. Simple decor idea is mainly a big wall of small triangle panels that can be rotated to get the color schemes of your variety. Every triangle carries black, white, and rainbow shades. I think that in about 4 or 5 years this idea might be on the market, and then you will be changing the method your studio apartment design looks daily, and who knows maybe design like this will be the future of any modern building interior design.

Luxury Bathroom Furniture Sets for Minimalist Interior

Luxury Bathroom Furniture Sets for Minimalist Interior by Hayon Studio

Minimalist Arts Luxury Bathroom Furniture Sets

These bathroom has unique combination of minimalist interior design and luxury art furniture concept. With minimal colors, this bathroom furniture sets instead blow the luxurious atmosphere. This really stylish bathroom furniture that has art deco curve but created in minimalist design, interior looks spacious and comfort for relaxing area so that you even do not notice that you are in the bathroom.

Futuristic Bedroom Set With Suspended Bed

Futuristic Bedroom Set With Suspended Bed by Aladino Up from Alf

Comfortable Bed by Aladino Up from Alf

Its collection Aladino Up from Alf consists of glossy white furniture for bedroom which is very fashionable nowadays. This collection reflects the latest trends in contemporary bedroom design and looks even minimalist. And also more interesting because the original futuristic bed. One more interesting feature of Design Suspended Beds is very practical headboard. With it you could forget about storage problem of all necessary things, which you use right before sleeping or after waking up. Its soft insertion also adds comfort for relaxing on this attractive bed. Alf Group is one of popular Italian companies which produce modern furniture for home design. It has a wide range of furniture for stylish bedrooms and living rooms.

Bathrooms of the Future


Ever wonder how tomorrow’s bathrooms would look like? Will they be radically different from the ones we have today? What technologies would these futuristic bathrooms incorporate?

Here are some concepts that could give you some idea about what is in store. If you come across some ideas that you think need to be featured here, please mention them in the comments. Also we run a steady stream of cool posts like this at Home Designing and if you like to be notified when we have more such inspiring posts, please subscribe to our feed or newsletter!

Let’s get started now, shall we! The first three are via Yanko Design, a terrific blog that features new concepts in design. Check them out if you haven’t already.


There is a good chance that water might become a precious commodity in the future. Designer Jang Woo-seok keeps this mind while designing his concept bathroom which cleverly reuses the water drained from the sink for flushing the toilet.

know and choose the best quality carpet

to change the look of the room, adding an area rug is a perfect way. The main thing that mattered was the financial factor in adding an area rug to the room of your home. but do not worry because home decorating with area rugs are very affordable and can be combined with paintings, furniture and so forth.
various types of materials and sizes of area rugs, but before you can have a carpet area you should know the uniqueness of the area rugs.
materials affect the price of area rugs, for the price of an expensive but good quality of silk, for the medium price is usually made of wool, and for economy class there are many material choices include: nylon, polyester, and acrylic polyprolene. The moderates are cotton, sisal, sea grass and carpet.
if you want to have an area rug so durable and washable as well as carpet treatment that is not so demanding treatment then choose synthetic carpet but the carpet was not comfortable but this kind of staying power spelled durable carpet. 

To buy a good quality rug should look for quality fiber, the type of dye used and the knots. It is not necessary that the expensive carpets will be made from both dye and tied properly. Natural fiber carpet susceptible to stains if not washed immediately. This must be done because the quality of wool fibers depends on the type of dye used. If a good quality of wool is dyed with fruits, plants and roots. Material using a cheaper synthetic dyes. Before you buy a carpet must test it in a damp white cloth rubbed fiber. If color transfers to cloth dyed tapestry is not correct.We also must examine very carefully fiber as most of the time the wool is very soft as silk. 

Carpet weaving is another factor that should look into when buying a rug. To determine whether, handmade carpet from the carpet to see the opposite side. If the pattern looks as clear as the other end, it is not handmade. Then check the periphery. This should be an extension sewing thread and not separately. 
One does not need to buy a carpet with a cloth backing. This carpet is definitely hiding something. Backing that tend to tear froze when cleaning. Handmade carpets with the best quality found in Iran. Persian knot is different from the other knots found in the rug. Rugs made by the manufacturer of the tribe does not have a node structure while the number of rugs made in the cities have knots. Carpet prices depending on the number of knots that. The numbers determine the quality of the carpet
Area rugs priced according to age. The old, expensive carpets. Sometimes a dealer wash the carpet with chemicals to make them look older. Such carpets are called antiqued carpetOne should always ask for a certificate of authentication to the carpet. This adds value if you want to sell it in the near future

Perspective Freehand Style of Home Design in Japan Purified, Abstract Design Style

In order to pursue a more comfortable and convenient living environment, in virtue of home design, Japanese try to take full advantages of spaces and setting modern appliances, furniture in their current narrow residential space.

In past time the demand rank of life in most Japan families was arranged according to food, clothing, transportation and living, now that has shifted to a new order as living first, transportation next, then clothing, and food last, which put the improvement of home living conditions to the first place.

Famous post-modern architect Hans Hollein had been engaged in a lot of architectural designs and interior designs, whose work has broken traditional frame and very different from modernist architectural designs. His designs mainly used symbols, metaphor techniques, and applied to modern technique materials and combined with special colors and patterns, thus to create a purified particular ideal environment.

Hans Hollein’s design has put a considerable influence on the world, as extended to his design idea, many Japanese designers follows a step forward, they applied with implied functions and the same time emphasis on the simplicity and abstractness of design, they applied with geometric form elements and managed interlaced arrays of simple lines and surfaces to avoid pop out of objects and shapes, and try best to eliminate all excessive marks; they also adopted the restrained method of removing detailed decorations to embody the essence of space, and make the room space take on concise and lively modern effect.

Tiny Bathroom? Expand Your Space with these Organizers

If you dig through piles of cotton swabs to find the toothpaste, scale mountains of towels to get to the spare toilet paper or spend hours searching for the hairdryer, it could be time to organize your bathroom. When you've got to deal with a miniscule water closet, storage space comes at a premium and can get cluttered up in no time at all without some clever arranging.

Fortunately, the answer to most of your messy powder room woes can be found in a few well placed and cleverly designed bathroom organizers. If you're just about ready to get that tiny bathroom of yours whipped into shape, take a moment to consider using a few of these handy and inexpensive organizers to accommodate your most essential toiletries.

Tension Pole Shower Organizer

Sometimes the trouble in organizing your bathroom comes in the form of roommates or family members. When you've got to share a tiny bathroom, one of the first areas to suffer from clutter is the shower or bathtub itself. If you're often greeted with stacks of half empty shampoo bottles and hastily draped wash cloths during your morning shower, the tension pole shower organizer could be a life saver.

This innovative shower organizer is designed to fit into any corner of the shower and is secured into place by a spring loaded tension rod that fits between the shower floor and ceiling. The rod can fit in nearly any space and extends from 72 to 98 inches. Constructed of rust resistant steel with an attractive nickel finish, the organizer offers four large baskets for holding shampoo, soap, razors and more, plus a hook for hanging louffas and wash cloths.

Over Door Two Basket Towel Rack

If your storage problems exist primarily outside of the shower, however, it makes sense to start utilizing some of your bathroom's more inert space. Any cramped bathroom can get an extra shot of storage space in seconds with the fantastic over door two basket towel rack.

Designed to fit over any standard sized door with virtually no installation, this great organizer instantly adds two spacious wire baskets measuring 28 inches long and 5 inches wide to your bathroom. While the baskets are a great place to store extra shampoo, lotions, dry goods and more, the towel rack hanging below will keep two towels dry and out of the way when not in use.

Over Toilet Space Saver

Another area of the bathroom that often goes unused is right above the toilet. Over toilet space saver racks add lots of storage space and come in lots of styles to match your bathroom's décor. From simple chrome tubing and wire shelves to wrought iron units featuring cabinets, over toilet racks are a great place to keep extra towels, tissues, and toiletries. Designed to fit snugly over any standard toilet, these sturdy racks can also handle heavier fare including cleaning supplies.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

Another bathroom space that has lots of storage potential is the area underneath the sink. However, plumbing fixtures can make this spot an unwieldy home for most bathroom items. Fortunately, the expandable under sink shelf features a unique and clever design that eliminates this pesky issue.

This sturdy two tier steel mesh shelf expands from 18 to 30 inches, leaving a space in the center that lets drain pipes snake through without compromising storage space. The unit also features five removable panels on each shelf so it can accommodate even irregular piping while providing you the maximum amount of space possible.

Door Waste Basket

In a tiny bathroom, even a simple waste basket can get in the way and use up valuable space. The handy door waste basket lets you keep that potential eyesore out of sight while freeing up a little more floor space. This large basket uses standard trash bags and installs securely simply in minutes. This great receptacle is available in 18 or 7 quart sizes to fit into any space and has the added bonus of keeping trash out of the reach of pets and kids.

Toilet Caddy

Finally, sometimes it's the simplest of products that make the biggest difference. The helpful toilet caddy features a sturdy toilet paper holder, magazine rack on the bottom and a pole designed to hold 3 extra rolls, effectively eliminating those cumbersome packages of toilet paper.

Whether your bathroom suffers from a lack of space, too many users or both, a little clever rearranging and some well utilized organizers can make a big difference. You'll be amazed by how some much needed shelving units or towel racks can transform your bathroom into one of the most efficient and even serene rooms in the house. Using these great products as a guide, find the organizers that will make your life simpler now.

firestick sap burn warren skin

firestick are beautiful plants to decorate your home garden, but it may harm your plants. burns that occurred in Warren can be when working in her garden could happen to you also.

firestick crop plants is highly toxic, corrosive and can cause irritation and serious burns.
Warren is a trimmer firestick plants, when cut he did not realize his hand hit the sap from these plants. now want to wipe the sweat from his forehead and his eyebrows at that moment he felt a tremendous pain in both eyes.
kay's wife called 911 and Warren Warren get extra care from ophthalmologists. to be honest, I would not deliberately planting this crop because it can be dangerous for me and my family.beautiful not mean having to endanger

jay shafer - eco-friendly homes

Jay Shafer is tumbleweed tiny house company, Shafer has devoted himself to beautify and improve the small houses that look luxurious and comfortable for the owner occupied.

Jay Shafer offers home building plans for those who want luxury living in a space as small as possible and offer environmentally friendly homes and green "go green"

ideas taken jay Shafer adapted from view and walk between small houses around it.

what to do with the ceiling of your home?

what to do with sky sky of your home? if you want to make the ceiling look lower?, you have a ceiling high and it took a brilliant idea to make them may be some of my tips can help you beautify your bedroom ceiling with a little home improvement.

listen, and start a little home decorating.

1. as though you can lower the ceiling by entering a painting on the walls of rooms or rooms with color matching and painting the ceiling

2. color selection at the ceiling, the white color impression will load your ceiling will seem higher, so choose a warm color that does not impress the ceiling higher.

3. paint the ceiling, is a unique way to change the impression of high on the ceiling. you should adjust when you paint the ceiling painting of the house is to equate the color of the ceiling with the wall color. this will reduce the volume of the room and ceiling height, so you'll be more comfortable in it.

4. crown molding using a visual mold will also make the ceiling height down.

5. furniture large enough to use, this will provide a dramatic visual effects

6. High ceilings create a challenge when it comes to choosing lighting for your room because you will need more lighting than you would in a room with a ceiling lower. In a room with high ceilings, using high-lighting equipment. high can damage the wall sconces space and create the illusion of the ceiling above the line where the actual light instead.

I hope the above tips can help overcome the ceiling height of your house

25 Inspiring and Delightful Traditional Kitchen Designs

25 Inspiring and Delightful Traditional Kitchen DesignsSince we recently had a post on Freshome about modern kitchen interiors, we decided to make a little research on classic ideas as well. So here you have it: 25 inspiring traditional kitchen designs that will take you back to the beauty and elegance of the latest decades.

Apartment Design in Timisoara with Ingenious “On Sale” Decorating Items

Apartment Design in Timisoara with Ingenious “On Sale” Decorating ItemsThis stylish and highly functional apartment was redesigned by Ştefan Lazăr, a Romanian interior designer and real estate specialist. The loft is located in Timisoara, Romania and represents a family gift for their son.

5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Space Productive

5 Ways to Make Your Home Office Space ProductiveLet’s be honest, do you have a home office? Not the kind of home office that you have beautiful office furniture in, yet you only use it to store books. I mean the kind of home office that you have to be productive in.

Amazing Folding Shower for Small Bathrooms

Amazing Folding Shower for Small BathroomsYou’ve seen a lot of unusual indoor designs here on Freshome, including ones that can considerably decrease their volume for an easier storage. Still, this amazing folding shower is definitely a first. From Supiot, this ingenious design can make a small bathroom feel much spacious.

Extreme Design Makeover: Garage Turned into Modern Living Area

Extreme Design Makeover: Garage Turned into Modern Living AreaSHED Architecture & Design is a team from Seattle that has recently redesigned a 320-square-foot garage, turning it into an amazing living space. This renovated garage has so much to offer, that it resembles in functionality with a common all-equipped apartment.

type of sofa bed

has a small living room or do not have a place to sleep is not a problem anymore, because your solution is a sofa bed. with a sofa bed you can save space and beautify your room. you can find a sofa bed in various designs, but you can enter one of three main types of sofa bed.
The first, most common people will convert to sleep when you pulled out from under a sofa cushion extension.

second, the type that can be set, whereby only ninety degrees to sit upright and one hundred eighty degrees to your sleeping.

and third, the type of sectional. These types are modular furniture pieces that can regulate the seat upright, put your feet, or placed. This naturally comes with a built in desks and chairs.

You can use the chairs for the living or sleeping while others can sit upright. To create a larger surface area to lay down, you can push the seat bench.

Archipelago House by Tham And Videgård Hansson Architects in Sweden

Archipelago House by Tham And Videgård Hansson Architects in SwedenThe summer house, Archipelago House is built in the outer Stockholm archipelago. Conceived as a light weight construction in wood and glass, this summerhouse was designed by the Swedish office, Tham & Videgård Hansson Architects.

Archipelago House by Tham And Videgård Hansson Architects in SwedenThe starting point is the direct relation to the dramatic archipelago landscape with the objective to offer within a simple frame – a platform – several diverse readings of the relation space-nature.

Archipelago House by Tham And Videgård Hansson Architects in SwedenThe horizontal character of the black stained exterior relates to the verticals of tall grown pines and the mirrored views of the Baltic Sea.

Archipelago House by Tham And Videgård Hansson Architects in SwedenThe geometry of the plan is generated by the specifics of the site, the house being fitted into the flat surface between two mountain rocks and turning simultaneously towards the sun in south and frontally towards the sea in west. With the small rooms placed in the back, the social areas of the house stand out as an open platform crisscrossed by sliding glass.

Archipelago House by Tham And Videgård Hansson Architects in SwedenThe zig-zagged layout also creates a series of outside places sheltered from the strong winds.

Modern Design Green Japan House Like A Museum by Edward Suzuki in Kamakura

Modern Design Green Japan House Like A Museum by Edward Suzuki in KamakuraThis green home was designed by Edward Suzuki Associates Inc. with modern design concept that adapted from traditional Japanese design vocabulary. The House like a Museum is one of the International Architecture Awards for 2009 The Best New Global Design that located in Kamakura, Japan, a five-minute walking distance from the railroad station, sits in a commercial and residential zone. As such, the neighbouring houses and shops encroach upon the site rather closely, so much so that from the start the idea to ‘look out’ from the property was abandoned, an instead ‘look inward’ approach was adopted.

Modern Design Green Japan House Like A Museum by Edward Suzuki in KamakuraSince the client-owner had a vast amount of art collection and wished to display such art in the new green house design, the theme ‘House like a Museum’ became the design generator. The theme ‘Go in to go out’ was applied to the design of this sustainable house design and the rectangular silhouette of the green home design was pushed to the boundary limits of the 776 square meter property in the center of which was placed a 15-meter diameter circular patio. The thrust of the planning was to allow each and every room to face and to have a view of this central garden.

Modern Design Green Japan House Like A Museum by Edward Suzuki in Kamakura
Modern Design Green Japan House Like A Museum by Edward Suzuki in KamakuraFinish material for the exterior is basically diatomite over exterior insulation, while for the interior it is predominantly Japanese stucco-paint for walls and ceilings and either bamboo laminates or limestone for the floors. Bamboo laminates are used for all built-in and movable furniture as well, the reason being bamboo, in contrast to wood, grows much more rapidly and hence more eco-friendly house.

Modern Design Green Japan House Like A Museum by Edward Suzuki in KamakuraIn the same vein, much effort has been made to borrow from and apply the wisdom of traditional Japanese sustainable green design, such as the ‘Engawa’ (peripheral corridor) that fuses or separates as required the inside and the outside, ‘Tsuboniwa’ (tiny patios), ‘Hisashi’ (roof overhangs), ‘Tsuufuu’ (cross ventilation), selected use of evergreens and non-evergreens and roof gardens for extra geothermal insulation. All these are ‘passive’ means of applying natural energy efficiency instead of ‘forced’ mechanical methods expending unnecessary green energy.

Vila Romana Residence by MMBB Arquitetos in Brazil

Vila Romana Residence by MMBB Arquitetos in BrazilThe Vila Romana Residence, the building houses and working studio was designed by MMBB Arquitetos is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The design of the Espirito Santo Residence is derived from the twin imperatives of topography and usage. It is situated on a corner plot with views of the town’s principal valley, with a drop of 10 meters from one side of the plot to the other. The first question to be tackled was that of creating an artificial terrain that would allow for easy transit around the external areas and their use for day-to-day activities. The landscaping was determined by the creation of these areas. The second question was that of the residence’s dual usage. The building houses not only the residence but also the working studio of the artist owner.

Vila Romana Residence by MMBB Arquitetos in Brazil

Vila Romana Residence by MMBB Arquitetos in BrazilThe strategy adopted was to divide the building into two autonomous blocks. In contact with the terrain is the studio block, partly embedded in the hill and illuminated only by an overhead opening. Its interior is divided by a series of walls which serve as supports for the works to be created there. Suspended above the terrain is the block containing the residency itself, open to the views that surround it. Its internal layout is designed to facilitate integration and fluidity between separate sectors for living, sleeping, cooking and the service area.

Vila Romana Residence by MMBB Arquitetos in BrazilBetween the two blocks, on the slab that forms the roof of the studio, a large veranda has been created, partly in shadow. Another space, uncovered, occupies the slab over the residential block, increasing the total external ground area. The suspended block is supported on only four points, with prominent overhangs. The two solid slabs that support it are constructed from exposed prestressed concrete. A further layer of concrete conceals the steel reinforcing elements. This concrete and the window system form the facade of the building.

Vila Romana Residence by MMBB Arquitetos in BrazilThe concrete slabs, once polished, form the floor of the interior environment, with no need for additional surfacing. Conical niches in the concrete allow for the direct installation of lighting, with no need for additional fixtures. It is this succession of constructional features that defines the project as a whole.