what to do with the ceiling of your home?

what to do with sky sky of your home? if you want to make the ceiling look lower?, you have a ceiling high and it took a brilliant idea to make them may be some of my tips can help you beautify your bedroom ceiling with a little home improvement.

listen, and start a little home decorating.

1. as though you can lower the ceiling by entering a painting on the walls of rooms or rooms with color matching and painting the ceiling

2. color selection at the ceiling, the white color impression will load your ceiling will seem higher, so choose a warm color that does not impress the ceiling higher.

3. paint the ceiling, is a unique way to change the impression of high on the ceiling. you should adjust when you paint the ceiling painting of the house is to equate the color of the ceiling with the wall color. this will reduce the volume of the room and ceiling height, so you'll be more comfortable in it.

4. crown molding using a visual mold will also make the ceiling height down.

5. furniture large enough to use, this will provide a dramatic visual effects

6. High ceilings create a challenge when it comes to choosing lighting for your room because you will need more lighting than you would in a room with a ceiling lower. In a room with high ceilings, using high-lighting equipment. high can damage the wall sconces space and create the illusion of the ceiling above the line where the actual light instead.

I hope the above tips can help overcome the ceiling height of your house

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