DDC Elevenfive

DDC Elevenfive
DDC Elevenfive
Incorporating Domus Design Center’s light and airy entertainment center into your media room or home theater is the next best thing to having an interior designer.

“The coolest part about the Elevenfive is everything is hanging off of this aluminum back panel,” says managing partner Daniel Seemak.

DDC Elevenfive“Everything is floating," Daniel continues. "The containers aren’t on the floor. It’s made so well that I could sit on the shelving and it would be secure.”

The configuration options of this Italian-designed-and-constructed unit are endless.

Every element—from the number of shelves and cabinets to their length, positioning and finish—can be fully customized, and is designed with the expertise and guidance of a DDC representative.

Lacquer options range from bright and cheery white, gray, red, green, yellow and orange to black, anthracite and anodized aluminum.

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