choose a good location for your garden

To create a garden that really - really beautiful in your home, there are several steps you must go through so that no home - just random. First is you should be able to determine the type and theme of its design, whether vertical or horizontal, whether inside or outdoors. In addition, there are still some other catalyst that you need to further develop your basic concept.

The next step is you have to think about the source of water, determination of location is closely associated with water sources are located, how you will water your plants, how the water drains when it rains. Determining the exact location is the most important factor when talking about the garden, because it will affect also on how much sunlight is required, the type of plant. To know the factors of light rays of the sun, you can do a little observation on the location you plan for your garden. Observe how long the site was exposed to the sun, how much of the area that tends to shade, how hot the influence of sunlight. All this is absolutely for you to know in order not wrong when choosing the appropriate type of plant.

Actually if you want diruntut greater detail, there are so many factors to be considered before determining the location of your garden, but at least by knowing the direction of sunlight, species of plants and taking into account the location of the source of water, enough for you to start forming a small garden in your home area .

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