get more lighting in the darkened interior of the house

If the interior of your home has a room that needs lighting a little more, you do not have to worry about doing renovations with a large budget. Simply by following a few simple steps, then at least you will feel a change in the intensity of light in your residence.

Here we provide three of the easiest ways you can immediately apply in your home:

1. Increase the power of light (lights, main lights and decorative lamps) inside your dwelling. Logically, if you feel the need for lighting is much brighter then the easiest way is to increase the power of the light used. This does not mean then you should be more wasteful of energy, because you still can choose energy-saving light but has a larger light. Calculated in detail the amount of power if needed before you begin to rearrange the electrical installation in your home.

2. Try doing a little more environmentally friendly renovation, one way to make a Solatube. Solatube is a light pipe made of sunlight into the interior of the house through the roof so that when during the day, you no longer need the lights to illuminate your home. For installation and installation of Solatube, you should consult with a lighting designer, especially to make the design construction.

3. Use the method of passive lighting. This method is also considered environmentally friendly and energy efficient because the main pattern is reflected light that is out to get into the interior of your home. Can use a white wall paint color selection (or other bright color), the selection of carpet colors, accessories in the residential character reflects the light from outside.

One of the blessings that we must be grateful for living in Indonesia is the sun that shines all year round, even in the rainy season when we still can feel the sun. And the presence of sunlight in the interior of the house, not just healthy but also makes us should be able to become more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. With proper settings, then the use of additional lights as decorative lights on we can also maximize occupancy without reducing the level of intensity of light that is in our neighborhood.

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