selecting your home furnishings

buying furniture is easy work, it depends on the cost that you have. but to select a suitable home furnishings and beautiful for your room is not an easy job.
tips from me might be useful for you to select furniture.

survey at home
conduct a survey on your room that will add furniture to them. eg bedroom, bathroom, living room and so forth. you need to consider are: the theme that you will use in space, whether a minimalist theme, traditional, modern, classic. also note the high and spacious rooms, wall color and room accessories that will keep pace.

determine theme rooms
theme room will you choose customize to your personality and your family. if you are young at heart of modern themes seem worthy for you. if you workaholic and practical, minimalist theme seems inappropriate for your.

color selection
furniture selection which would you buy should be adjusted with the wall color or furniture room that will be added into it.

room size
if the room will be occupied later small-sized furniture, use of furniture and lighting a small lamp that also. small room will seem smaller when filled with furniture. such as: paintings and photographs that meet the wall.

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