considering adding plants indoors

room in the house will be more beautiful and green visible if added to the plant. with a little interior  home, your room becomes beautiful. but to add plants in the house you should think about and consider the following:

1. site selection
plants in the house should get enough sunlight, and frequent notice the leaves on your plants, if it looks brown spots on leaves large, probably because too often been a light Solarise. Rotate your crops so that every part exposed to light. and it's good occasionally remove your plants.

2. sprinkling
your plants watered regularly, can quake 1 a day, once a week, or when the soil looks dry on the plant. depending on the type of your crop.

3. using a gardener
if the plants that you add to the interior of the house much. then better use the services of a gardener. because, in addition to saving you time, gardeners take care of your floor from stains caused by watering potted plants or from scratch when the pot was moved or rotated.

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