improve yourself, your home toilet

If your bathroom floor toilet water leaks or there is no unpleasant smell around the toilet like the smell a rat, maybe rubber ring your bathroom toilet was not working properly and it's time you replace it.
so this time we will discuss the repair the house, exactly replace the rubber ring toilet.

If the toilet rocks when sitting at the top, from time to time in the ring toilet wax may deteriorate and fail. This failure manifests itself in the formation of small water leak at the base of the toilet odor. If allowed, damage can occur on the bathroom floor and the gas that is not safe to build a ditch at home. A new toilet wax ring must be replaced each time the toilet removed (eg during the installation of new bathroom floor).

replace a toilet wax ring is easy, with little knowledge and preparation can replace your own. Probably for beginners takes one to two hours for her to change. The basic steps required to change a toilet wax ring begins with a lethal waterways clean and empty tank and a bowl of water. Also need to cut supply lines from the toilet. Next the anchor nut, secured the Hold-Down Bolts need to open the lid. Toilet flange and then removed from the toilet and reversed. Old toilet wax ring can then be shredded and removed from the base of toilets, and floors can be cleaned from the remnants of the old wax ring.

New toilet wax ring and then pressed into the toilet and the toilet base and then reseated the toilet flange. Anchor nut and then re-Hold chaotic back bolts and reconnect the supply line. Water supply line to the toilet and then turning it back on and the toilet back in business.

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