make small rooms look big

many of us live in a small house or small apartment, because of their limitations. or those who live in a big house and moved into a small apartment because he was tired of taking care of the house. any reason why they live at home still have to make a small house they look great.

you can change the decoration of the room to have a viewing area and greater nuance to adjust the lighting and furniture, so that the narrow room look spacious

you see, furniture and accessories that are blocking the road in your room. This has made the house into the room seem cramped. by moving furniture out and away from the path, you'll open space and make it feel bigger. You can cut your furniture and choose short pieces such as benches, tables, high cut along the wall than in the open space. the room will look bigger, if you can see the floor.

which makes the space look smaller is the number of goods. so avoid from view with a tidy behind the door, shelves, shelf or cabinet table. so the room will feel organized, tidy and spacious with things unseen.

Chooser Soft or Light Hues,
While the dark: warm colors make the space feel cozy and intimate, light,
cool colors: make it feel open and airy space. Whereas dark, warm colors make a space feel cozy and Intimate, light, cool colors make a space feel open and airy. For optimum effect, select soft tones of blues and greens. For optimum effect, select soft tones of blues and Greens.

The bright lighting will make the rooms as if greater, either by natural light or artificial light. Remove heavy curtains and open windows to let light from the outside in space. Add more lights, or install lighting or the hidden track lighting

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