Chicago Gateway environmentally friendly concept

Chicago Gateway offers a place that will be environmentally friendly to Chicago city which there is a large vertical farm, mixed-use tower and a residential tower that became one entity of sky bridges. This project is the idea by Illinois Institute of Technology’s student located on Lake Shore Drive and especially designed for abandoned Chicago Spire, or better known as the Giant Hole.
Chicago Gateway consists of two mixed-use vertical tower that supported by a leaning tower with roof full of trees. The plan, offices and commercial places will occupy vertical towers while the residential tower will occupy a sloping, which cross Lake Shore Drive. All the structures are connected via vertical plantation platform and sky bridges network that connect toward towers and provides access to other buildings nearby.
Urban plantations through hydroponics will be done in the dais provided specifically for the plant, and a roof full of trees will provide coolness. Vegetables and herbs will be planted in hanging suspended mechanically in the hydroponics farm. Crops can be sent via Sky Bridge and the public can access this building and use the elevated road to traverse the city. The design was created in 2007 and became a finalist of the prestigious Schiff Foundation Fellowship.

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