Modern Wooden House Concept Design

The advantage of wooden house is able to bring another beauty in urban that dominated by concrete. The beauty of color, wood grain, texture, and light reflection is able to create interesting visual effects and looks naturally. But only a few people who can appreciate this aesthetic value of wooden house. Besides, wooden house is suitable for cold-temperature region, and resident will feel warmer. However, if built in urban areas, wood house will foster unique impression different from its surroundings.
By the way for you who are looking for the ideal wooden house concept, here is a wooden house designed by MinDay located in rural Iowa, Lake Okoboji. This wooden house is located beside the lake, of course presents a beautiful view for the residents.
Few tips on treat wood house, you have to re-finishing every once in a year, because paint attached to the timber usually fade. If you have furniture made of wood and you are care, then you must also care to treat this wooden house.

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