Cool glass coffee table design by Porada

Living room is where families or friends gather and move together. Because it is often used for various activities, create a living room with careful attention and according with types of activities commonly performed. Choose the furniture properly, according to utility room. You can start from sofa, stool, coffee table, side table, lamp, standard lamp, carpet, curtains, to accessories as furniture for the living room.
One of the important furniture in the living room is a coffee table. Here is a glass coffee table designed by Porada. Its modern glass table wood legs will appear beautiful to decorate your home. Unique form of table legs and come up with oriental-style give good result for living room.
Few tips for decorating a coffee table, put coffee table distance of about 40 cm from the couch to still be enough space for the feet. Rounded shapes, squares, or rectangles with storage space beneath it would be very attractive and functional.
for more information about the glass coffee table visit Porada.

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