Colorful Seating by Parri Design

Parri Design Seating come with bright color in your collection. Many Seating in wheelchairs has been designed to complement your desire to be close to brilliant in the design of several of its unique features. Let me introduce you to three series that have really caught my attention. Caramella son, my flower and Coccola. All designed by Marco Maran for Parri Design.
Caramella who like colorful candy lollipop is stackable and has a chromed steel frame 14 x 2 mm in diameter, the hull is made of beech plywood with adjustable height for comfortable relax position.
My flower adds a touch of freshness and vitality characteristic of flowers in spring. Available in these places was added a touch surprising freshness in your home office or waiting room of the public. My flower shows a foam core metal and the inner fire retardant polyurethane prepared in different densities.
Coccola key features expressive and full of emotions, and is blessed with a polyurethane shell. Comes with a lining fabric or leather and foam padding or fully upholstered with fabric that conceals the rigid structure. The base is painted or chromed.

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