Interior Decor for Small Room

Limited space becomes the main obstacle when we decided to have a small house. Sometimes, you need to integrate various functions into one space so that all your needs can be accommodated. However, despite only having a small house, you still must pay attention to the function of room so that the residents feel comfortable. You should be able to get around the narrow spaces that can meet all the requirements.
In terms of selecting the interior furniture, if you want to add warmth, some things you can do like play of color, using natural materials or lighting. Do you have vintage furniture and didn’t want to throw it away? You can still display a warm atmosphere with vintage furniture. Try adding some furniture that seem ancient or ethnic, like some ancient decorative plate, white lace on the bed, night stand or the old model.
Interior decoration carefully is solution to the small house problems. Maintain practical and functional element is key base in the modern minimalist house dress. Obviously you want a beautiful dream home, right?

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