Greenhouse concept decor for better life

The increasing greenhouse effect on global warming causes the world is getting hotter and bad for human survival on this planet because of climate change. Different ways and patterns of human taken to reduce the greenhouse effect such as reducing material usage was the cause of global warming, afforestation, waste recycling to replace petroleum fuels with alternative fuels more environmentally friendly.
In addition to macro efforts such as reforestation on a large scale along the road and especially in urban neighborhoods, the interior d├ęcor also seeks to reduce global warming by green house concept. The green house can be applied by designing homes that adopt the concept of a green wall Vertical Garden, or the use of plants to cover the building both horizontally and vertically.
Utilization of green plants on vertical building surfaces is effective to reduce the temperature in the room, also functions as a silencer the noise from outside and can reduce air pollution in the vicinity. You can apply it easily, place the plants on a desk or provide a special place for plants in the living room. I think this is a simple think that was done by anyone with great result.
There are many benefits in getting from the green house concept such as, provide sound absorber, As particulate air filters to improve air quality, Reduce Heat Exchange, Create micro-climates that will help change the climate of the city as a whole, Provides management of rainwater, absorbing 45-75% of rainfall, Function as natural water filters and water temperature moderator, Biodiversity and provide habitat for natural wildlife.
Another positive effect is can reduce the thermal temperature in interior building, because plants can reduce the heating effect of solar radiation. The circulation of air flowing through the gaps in the plastic frame of the cell gap and crop stalks. Besides that the noise from outside can also be muted.
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