Application of color in interior design

There was no restriction in selecting colors for interiors. Style in interior design is very diverse and everything is back to the design concept. There are likely to incorporate a soft tone colors, there are also designers who tend to combine contrasting colors in a strong design theme. Design concept that became the benchmark color selection. Without a strong concept, will be a lot of confusion and doubt in determining the color. Color became one of the parameters that affect the design. Right colors can enhance the design.
Besides to reinforcing the concept of spatial design, color also has a psychological effect. According to the literature there who believe in the existence of the flow of color therapy, called Chromotherapy. Color therapy or Chromotherapy is an alternative treatment method that uses color and light to balance the body’s energy, both physically and mentally.
Nothing to do with color application in the interior design, however, some sources recognize the effect of color create an atmosphere in space. Color affects mood and behavior in humans.

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