How to Organize with Style

Those who live in small apartments need all the space they can get. Here are some tips on attractive ways to organize your home in creative ways.

  • Cover tables with cloth. This way, you can use the space underneath for extra storage. Also, if you choose a pattern that goes along with your theme, you can use the material to add style to your home, especially if you aren't able to paint the walls.
  • If you can't paint your walls, add color with rugs, accessories, and colorful furniture.
  • You can store neat looking boxes underneath a simple table in your entryway. You can alternate the colors of the boxes for a more interesting look. Often, you can find boxes that are the right size for files, and this option is much more appealing to the eye than file cabinets are.
  • Shelving can look very nice when organized and accessorized properly. You can group books and dishes by size and color. If you have mismatched books or stacks of CDs, you can get several matching boxes to put these in and then arrange them on the shelves. Sometimes it comes in handy to label what is in the boxes on the back sides to make it easier to find things in them. Consider what is on the shelves at eye level, since this is what most people will see first. Make sure you don't have you shelves too full, this will look busy. Add personal photos and decorations throughout. You can also add shelving near the ceiling in kitchens to store glass items without looking too busy.
  • If you don't have enough counter space or cabinet space in your kitchen you can always add a cart.

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