Easy and Cheap Wall Decorating

Don't just decorate your walls with only a goal of filling up space in mind, instead map out a plan. Consider which wall in a room is the focal point, and focus on hanging related art in that area. There are many options as far at what you can hang, such as prints, plates, clocks, rugs, quilts or items that you make. It is best to focus on maintaining a theme.

For those who aren't sure how to arrange the pictures and don't want to have to use trial and error to decide, there is an easy way to save your walls the extra holes. Try tracing the pictures you want to hang onto pieces of construction paper and cutting the paper to size. Then, you can hang these pieces of paper on your walls using painter's tape until you are happy with the arrangement. Then, you can install the necessary hardware directly over the paper, and rip the paper off after you're ready to hang the actual picture. If you have several pictures that are the same size and you either don't have a frame, or you just want to dress up the picture even more, you can create a background frame. This is done by taping off an area on the wall where you are going to hang the picture, and painting the area a darker shade of your wall color. Make sure the area you paint is at least a few inches larger than your art on all sides. You can make this fake frame more detailed by making it two dimensional with other fake frames within your frame in different shades of the color scheme you're using.

If you have frames for all of your pictures, but they are different colors and sizes, you can paint them all the same color to tie them all together.

Stencils can be used to design your walls, usually these are used around windows or doors. Simple wooden blocks can be attached to walls to be used as picture, pottery, or candle holders. You can also paint wooden blocks with words or quotes to hang on the walls.

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