Time to Decorate Your Porch

Now that Summer is underway it is a perfect time to decorate outside, if you haven't already. If you have a porch by your home entrance, it is the first thing visitors see. Since visitors often wait a few moments for you to answer the door, they really have a chance to look around. It is fun and easy to make your porch more attractive and add a personal touch.

First of all it is best to clean your patio completely so you have a blank slate to work with. Make sure you get your windows and even shine your doorknob. Then, remove everything you had on your porch before. This way, it will be easier to see what space you have available and come up with a vision.

Next, you get to pick the style you want to go for. This should be a style that you feel comfortable with, that really makes your porch feel like yours. It is best to choose a theme and stick with it in all of the decorations you choose.

The doormat that you pick is more important than you may think! I know I always look at the doormat while I wait to enter a person's home, so, make sure you clean or buy a new mat if yours starts to look old. You could even choose a rug to use as a doormat if you have a larger porch. Make sure your rug fits with the theme you have selected for your porch.

If you have the space on your patio for furniture there are lots of options. You can choose cozy wicker furniture with cushions for relaxing a reading or talking. Or, if you think you might use your porch to entertain, you may want to choose a table with extra seating.

The last thing to consider are fun extra touches like pillows, plants, wind chimes, candles, vases and more. Beware of creating a cluttered look. Stick to the decorations that enhance the theme you chose, instead of detracting from it.
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