Make Small Rooms Look Bigger – Part One

There are a few advantages to small spaces, for instance decorating a small space is that you are often able to save money. Also, it is easier to make small spaces look cozy. But, sometimes you may simply want your small apartment to look larger. If this is the case, you may be in luck, because there are decorating tips you can use to make your space look more spacious.

A small room will always look larger the less clutter you have displayed. This means you need to find ways to get that clutter organized. You can put your clutter underneath table skirts, on shelves or behind closet or cabinet doors. You will be more organized this way too.

Light, cool colors will make a space feel larger. These shades will make a room feel open. The best colors you can choose for this effect are soft hues of blue and green.
Using a monochromatic color scheme will help to make your space look bigger. Stick with the colors from the previous tip to maximize the illusion of a bigger space. Try to choose furniture colors that are similar in color to your walls. If you choose contrasting colors it will break up the space and make it seem smaller, so make sure you do not pick colors that are too different. You want to focus on creating a simple, calm looking effect.

Check back soon to read part two of Make Small Rooms Look Bigger!

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