How to Choose a Home Decorating Theme

Most people aren't quite sure where to start when they move into a new place and haven't done much decorating before. It can be tempting to start with paint, because it is cheap and can make such a big difference. But, it is usually best to end with paint and make the other choices first.

It is ideal to start by putting your ideas on paper. A good starting point is to decide whether you want a formal or casual look. From there, add any artistic items you own or want to own that inspire you to your list. Then, look at what furniture you own and really want to keep and add it to your list. Now, look at your list and think about what type of style you can go with that will make sense with all of these items. If you have a couch with a funky pattern that you love you can use the colors in the pattern to decorate, using the darker or brighter colors for accent pieces or an accent wall, and the base color of the design for most of your decorating. If you have a collection of modern art you want to use, think about adding accept pieces that match some of the colors in your paintings.

If you are having trouble deciding which type of design you can use with your existing furniture and favorite accent pieces try looking for inspiration in your favorite art, colors, fabrics, patterns, or rugs. This blog is brought to you by travel nursing jobs.

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