Picking Paint Colors - Part Two

Most colors can be separated by whether they are warm or cool colors. Warm colors are those with red or yellow tints to them, like pink or orange. Cool colors include blue, violet and green or any colors that are tinted these colors. Even white can usually be classified as warm or cool. If you compare paint samples, you will see that some are slightly blueish, which others are pink tinted or yellow tinted. Sometimes combining warm and cool colors in one room can look good, like in the picture below.
While you are shopping around for paint, make sure to keep your samples grouped by the store you were shopping in. It is frustrating to get your samples out of order and forget where you need to go to get the color you choose. Another way to keep from getting frustrated is to measure the area you want to paint before you buy your paint. That way, you can buy the correct amount and not have to make another trip to the store for more paint, or to return unused paint.

One way to decide whether you really want a certain color in your house is to look at it in several different lights and also you will probably want to take the paint sample into the room you are decorating, to make sure it will truly look good there.

Paint professionals at the store where you are shopping can often help you decide which brand to use. They can explain the differences to you and this will help you make decisions.

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