Picking Paint Colors - Part One

If you have the freedom to paint your walls, this blog can help you choose colors and finishes. If you are stuck with white walls, see my previous blogs on tips for making your home colorful and stylish by adding color in other ways.

It is best if you decide on a room design and choose any wallpaper, carpet, rugs, and fabrics first, then choose the paint color. When you are choosing your paint color, you can use samples of all of your design elements to help you choose a color that will match the room and make it perfect.
It can help to look at the full sample strip of a color you are considering. That way, you can see the colors that will match your walls and have a better idea of whether this is really the scheme you want.

If you have a patterned couch or other fabric item that will need to match the room, you can match your wall color to one of the colors in the fabric, usually the lightest. You can use the darker or brighter colors in the pattern for accent walls or maybe even trim.

The most common color to paint trim is white or off white. Another option is to paint the walls a light color and use a darker or brighter color for the trim. Even black trim with tan or green walls can look nice, if you are going for an Asian theme.

Matte or flat paint finishes are good for hiding wall and brush stroke imperfections, but glossier finishes reflect more light. Semi gloss is a safe alternative that is often used if you want a little of both.

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