Make your Living Room More Exciting Easily

Sometimes you don't have a lot of money or time to spend decorating, or you are renting and can't change very much of your space. There are a few easy ways to make your living room more exciting and give it more personality without having to spend much time or money.

Simply buying new pillows in a bold color you love or an interesting pattern to displayed on your furniture can help make a room more appealing. They'll also add comfort to your furniture, so you get a bonus. I love the pillows in the picture below, they are the perfect way to make this couch stand out. Too bad you won't get this cute pomeranian with the pillows!
You could paint one wall a contrasting color. You could paint this wall a darker shade of the color it already is, or you could pick a color from a pattern in your couch to paint the wall. Another option is to paint the wall to match the new pillows you just picked up.

Displaying one remarkable lamp will help give personality to your living room. If you can't find a lamp you like you can choose a cool sculpture or pot you like and add the lamp part to it at a lamp shop. Then, you can choose a shade that is funky if you want to make your lamp even more interesting.

A mirror hung on a particularly boring wall will reflect any colors throughout your room to brighten it up. You can also paint the frame of a mirror a bright color to add interest.

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