Inexpensive Wall Decorating

Buying art to hang on your walls can be expensive. But, there are plenty of crafty ideas for making your own wall art that can look just as good, and mean more because they are unique and personalized.

Taking your own pictures to frame on your walls can work out very well for many people. You don’t have to be a professional to get great shots, and this way, you choose what is most interesting to you. If you love animals take a trip to the zoo and have fun capturing artistic photos of the animals. Series of photos often look nice, and you can usually get a good deal on standard sized frames if you shop around. You can also take pictures of artwork in large books and blow them up to frame.

Hanging interesting items directly on the wall with no frame sometimes looks great. You can hang typical items like plates, flags, or blankets. Or, you can hang more unique items like toys or musical instruments. Puzzles can look good hung on a wall; they look especially good in a game room or a kid’s room where the puzzle matches the theme of the room.

Another idea for a game room or a child’s room is framing a game board with the game pieces glued in place. This will make a colorful fun wall hanging.

If you are artistically inclined you can hang needlework, drawings, or paintings.

Pressed flowers and leaves can be glued onto a piece of construction paper in a collage and framed. If you want to do a series this way, you can glue a few of each type of flower or leaf onto each piece of construction paper, and in fancy writing label the flower or leaf on the bottom of each piece.

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