Decorating with Orange

The color orange often makes people feel cheerful. Orange is a warm cozy color that is also strong and can be energizing. Orange is known to stimulate hunger and also to spark conversation.

When you think of orange in nature often fire, autumn, and pumpkins come to mind. These are all positive associations for most people. Since orange is one of the main colors used in Fall decorating, now is a great and easy time to use orange. Orange can easily be used in the fall just by displaying pumpkins and leaves around your home.

Because the color makes people feel hungry, it is a popular color for kitchens. Use orange for your plates if you want to encourage more eating. If you don't want to feel as hungry in the kitchen, you would want to steer clear of orange and red. If you live in a warm climate you would also want to limit the use of orange, because it will just make your home feel warmer. Orange can really be a wonderful color to use if you live in a cold climate, it can add a lot of warmth and coziness to a home.
Orange can be a fun color at first, but it can be hard to live with long term for some people, especially if bright shades of orange are used. You may want to think carefully before investing too much time or money in an orange color scheme. However, there are plenty of earthy orange shades that are easier to live with.

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