Easy Bathroom Improvement Ideas – Part Three

If you have a little money in your budget, you can get a new shower curtain, curtains, towels, and rug. These are items that you can buy in bright colors if it fits with your theme.

Adding new hardware to your cabinet doors can make the bathroom look nicer, and it is very easy to do.

If your bathroom mirror is just a big mirror glued to the wall and not a cabinet, you can easily add decorative molding around the edge to frame it and make it look much more stylish.

Accessorizing your bathroom is probably the most fun thing you can do to add life to the room. First, look around your house for items that you aren’t using that would look good with your theme. For example, you could use a decorative mug for your q-tips. Candle holders and colored candles always look nice in bathrooms. Small plants can also make nice accessories.

Shelving can be convenient and decorative in a bathroom. If you have plenty of space you can even put a small bookshelf or tea cart in your bathroom. If you already have enough storage, adding some shelving for displaying cute decorative items can make your bathroom look more stylish.

Many people don’t make use of free wall space in their bathrooms. If you have free wall space, hanging a framed picture can look very nice. If you are a little bit crafty, you can frame something sentimental, a photograph you took, or a few postcards, shells, or leaves from a vacation.

Finally, tuck the trash can out of sight if you can. Under the sink is a great place for it.

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