Decorating with Blue

Blue is one of the easiest colors to decorate with. Blue will appeal to a wide range of people because it is a calm and relaxing color. Blue isn’t too demanding, it is soothing and refreshing. In nature a large portion of what you see is blue, because the whole sky is often blue. Water is also blue of course, and so it is a great color when you want a beach theme. The color blue probably appeals to such a wide range of people because it is seen so much in nature.
You may not want to use blue if you live in a very cold place, because blue can cool a room down. You also may not want to use blue if you are decorating a room without very much natural light, such as a basement room, because blue can feel depressing and gloomy without light to complement it. Blue has been known to suppress appetite, so it is not a great color to use in a kitchen. This could well be because in nature blue is not a food color very often, and some blue berries are dangerous to eat.

Blue and white used together will look very fresh and clean. Dark blue has a masculine feel, and can be used to decorate men’s bedrooms or studies. Blue and yellow complement each other very well are great to use together in a space.

Blue is a very common color to use in bathroom decorating, because it reminds us of water.

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