Decorating with Red

Red is a very bold color. Often people aren’t sure how to use red in decorating and are afraid that the result will look strange.

Red is known for being a passionate color. Red evokes feelings of warmth and coziness. Red is an exciting color that can make you feel empowered. Red is dramatic and demanding.

You should add shades of red to a room that you want to feel warm and comfortable. You can even get away with painting an entire room red as long as every other element of the room is a neutral color. Often, people opt to paint just one wall of a room red, and scatter small accent pieces throughout the rest of the room.

Using too much red in a room where you don’t want the occupant to feel excited is not a good idea. For example, if your child had an excess of energy, decorating their room in red wouldn’t be a good idea. Red has even been shown to raise blood pressure and heart rate, so if the room’s main occupant has problems with these being too high already, cool colors might be a better option.

Often, red is used in restaurants and kitchens. This is because red is supposed to make people feel hungry, and it is theorized that it can even make food taste better.
Red is considered a fall color, so now would be a good time to add a few red fall themed pieces to you home. A simple basket with red apples displayed on your counter or kitchen table will look nice and be a tasty treat too.

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