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Homeowners are looking for more cost-effective ways to improve the appearance, real estate market value, and usability of their homes. This is also true when it comes to home interior decorating.

One great way to cut costs is by recycling. Most people put emphasis on recycling things such as plastic containers, paper, and cans. But there are benefits to be realized by homeowners who also recycle wood products and other materials when they remodel, refurbish, or update the interior design of their home.

Recycle Wood to Increase Eye Appeal of Interior Design

Even if you don’t ordinarily decorate your home using second hand furniture or antiques, mixing old with the new can create a stunning effect. It can also save a great deal of money. All it takes is a sharp eye for a bargain and a little creativity.

For instance, a visit to a second hand shop could turn up used cabinet doors. By fitting mirrors behind one of the cabinets where panels would normally go, a rustic focal point with style and class can be created. Stress and refinish the wood before inserting the mirrors. Or cover with antique parchment paint in a soft pastel shade.

This charming mirror, reminiscent of country cottage days, is perfect for a vanity, as a backdrop to plants or an interior water feature. Or in a bedroom decorated with feminine charm.

Another interior decorating tip is to capture the beauty of naturally aged wood in custom designed furniture. Salvaged slabs of thick wood such as Douglas fir, cedar, oak, and pine make marvelous “one of a kind” counters, tables, stools, and shelves.

Other ways to Recycle Material

A second hand store, yard sale, or even the attic is a great place to find other items that can be refurbished or simply cleaned up a bit, to compliment your interior room d├ęcor. An old antique bell makes an interesting, quaint replacement for a door bell. And old fashioned milk cans, favorite farming icons of days gone by, add a special touch of nostalgia and country charm to a room.

Try painting the can cream, cinnamon, spruce, soft buttercup yellow, or another color that compliments room color scheme. A cluster of hand-painted flowers (daisies, sunflowers, pansies, or cottage roses), herbs, or vines would add just the right touch.

This would make an enchanting umbrella stand near the front door. On a porch or patio it makes a lovely holder for plant pots that fit snuggly at the top of the can. Old-time favorites such as morning glories, sweet peas, jasmine, English ivy, or nasturtiums would be gorgeous trailing down over the sides.

Recycle and Save

Old dry sinks, cabinets, and counters capture simple elegance when refurbished and used as bathroom vanities, night stands, and hall tables. Vintage light fixtures, doorknobs, hinges, and strike plates can also add a distinctive touch, while saving money.

Millions of tons of construction and demolition materials are discarded yearly. Homeowners who recycle wood and other materials when they redecorate not only save thousands of dollars. They reduce waste and help protect overuse of natural resources.

Why not call on the services of a licensed professional the next time you get ready to redecorate? Not only will they have terrific ideas for ways to incorporate recyclable materials into your home interior decorating plans. They most likely have resources you don’t have for acquiring the items. And, at a very affordable price!

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