Home Decor: 5 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Room

Is your room not sending the right messages to your guests? Does your sofa look plain and outdated? Would you like to give your room an easy facelift? Adding color to a room can bring your space to life and add style to your home. Lets take a moment to review the basics of decorating with color.

Yellow, orange, red and pink are referred to as warm colors. This is because they remind us of the warmth of the sun or a campfire. Blue, green and purple are referred to as cool colors. They remind us of grass and the ocean. There are plenty of neutral colors such as your grays and browns. Neutral colors tend to not contrast with other colors.

Paint can give your interior an entirely new look. When choosing a color for your wall, it is important for you to decide on the type of mood you would like to set for the room. What feel or moods are you trying to create in your room? Would you like a warm or cool atmosphere in your room? What color décor will be incorporated in this room? It is also important to choose the type of paint finish you would like to have on your walls. There are many to select from.

Sometimes adding something as small as a throw pillow or cushions on a sofa, love seat or chair, can transform a room's disposition. Different textures along with the right colors can produce an incredibly distinctive look to your space.

The right lamp can bring great sophistication as well as better lighting in a room. Always choose a lamp along with a lampshade. A shade helps to pull a room together and should coordinate with the other lamps in the room. They do not have to match identically.

Many people leave their windows naked with only shades and blinds to dress them. Drapes and curtains shouldn't only be considered as a means of adding privacy to your home. Hanging them to your window can soften and add texture to the room while filtering out unwanted sunlight. Choose draperies with a length that will benefit your room's décor. Long drapes add design and eloquence to the décor as it lays along the floor.

The easiest and fastest way to add life to your room is to, well, add life to your room. Placing fresh cut flowers and indoor plants in your room will give it an earthy feeling while satisfying your need for color.

Adding color to your home décor should be fun. It may take some time before you find a color scheme that you are happy with. But it will be well worth the effort.

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