History & Uses of Tiffany Lamps

For over 100 years Tiffany lamps and lighting have been an essential part of a luxurious home décor. These stained glass lamps are from the style and design of Louis Comfort Tiffany (1848 - 1933). Louis Tiffany used his creative talents to follow his love for art, instead of following in his father's footsteps. His father, Charles Lewis Tiffany, was the founder of the silver and jewelry firm Tiffany & Co. In the 1880's Louis turned his focus from his oil and watercolor works to interior design. The goal of Tiffany's new passion was to elevate interior design to the same level as fine art.

During this time Tiffany began using the discarded glass pieces from his stained glass panels to create the decorative lamps synonymous with his name. These lampshades were created by carefully fitting hundreds of hand cut glass pieces into copper foil enclosures. Copper foil is extremely light and strong which enabled Tiffany to design and create large and complex shades for his lamps. Commonly Tiffany lamps use a bronze sculpture base, but it is definitely not restricted to this material.

Tiffany style lamps can be used in many rooms within your home with various applications. Tiffany ceiling light fixtures are a great lighting source for illuminating a whole room. While smaller table lamps are an excellent source for directed lighting. If space is an issue Tiffany floor lamps can provide a lot of light while taking up minimal floor space. Tiffany lamps can also be found for desks, billiard lighting, walls sconces, and accent lighting.

Tiffany lamps have always been and will always be a beautiful piece of art as well as an outstanding addition to your home. Do not wait another day to add the timeless beauty and elegance of Tiffany lamps to your home. It is something many have always wanted and now is a great time to make it happen.

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