create a romantic bedroom

one of the causes of decline in sexual desire husbands and wives because of the emergence of an atmosphere bored of the layout design of your home. therefore, to give the room a romantic effect you should notice a few little things, like choosing the location of the bed, the color of paint used, bed sheets or bed covers and even perfume a room that can generate a sense of romance.

indeed every person has different responses about the meaning of romantics.
but in my opinion is a romantic atmosphere in which I and my partner feel comfortable and happy. The following tips might make a romantic bedroom can arouse you.

1. keep objects that may interfere with vision and concentration, when we are alone with our spouses.
2. change the position of the bed from the normal position. this is because of boredom that can eliminate the feeling of making love.
3. wearing perfume, this is a very brilliant idea. your partner's feelings and make you feel comfortable and calm.
4. light settings, Setting up a light room / space can lead to a romantic impression. room so the lighting is very important in a romantic effect in the room. we usually make love when you feel the vibration of the dim room. so it is recommended to reduce the light in your room and use the soft light.

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