bedroom with decorative stones

many of us want the impression of space is warm and comfortable rooms. By adding the interior of the house with decorative stone can provide a comfortable and warm effect. during fatigue in work and wants to stay in bed but did not feel comfortable you may add decorative stones into the interior of the house (bedroom) is a good choice.

decorative stone walls combined with wooden shelves can add strong contributions to feel the magic of a bedroom. fresshome at a furniture exhibition in Milan, Italy says' So, when I say that this place inspires serenity, not just a false statement with the background, but something that comes from personal experience of life "

lighting arrangement is very important. use a soft illumination that will add the beauty of this interior design. although a simple but impressive visual effect of the order of the stones make it look as if loose or not in a room the room.
 what you think by adding a stone decorations on the bedroom wall?

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