$5 Brunswick radio 5 day project

This old radio was found at a Stockade sale in Schenectady NY. Weighing 75 pounds worth of tubes, wires and tons of other stuff that did not work I just knew what I had in mind for it.

So carefully removing all the screws inside that will allow me to take out the front center piece.

I had to remove a little bit of the front piece so that I could slide it out. I was a little nervous about this but it all went back together just like new.

Now you can kind of see where I am going with this. I do need to replace the inside middle shelf. It got a little too beat up. Boy they sure did make things well back in the day! :) Oh I can't wait to get through another portion of this project to show you progress on it. But my other work is calling my name. Be sure to come back often to see if I have posted the blogs that are hosting my giveaways!!! That is sure to be lots of fun. Happy Father's Day!! Tootle loo for now.
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