Reasons to Consider Slipcovers

Slipcovers come in all shapes and sizes these days. You can use them to cover couches and chairs of all sizes and styles, and even ottomans. The styles and colors are just as varied. I do not like ruffles of any sort, which seem to come to mind when you think slipcovers for some reason, but there are plenty of sleeker styles available. I like this one pictured below, and as an added bonus it is made of microsuede, which I love because it is so soft.

One huge advantage to slipcovers is price of course; it is much cheaper to cover several old pieces of furniture with matching slipcovers than to buy a new set. Or, if you have mismatched furniture to begin with, you can match them all with slipcovers. You can also try a bolder style or color when you’re buying slipcovers, since it isn’t too much of an investment if you decide you hate them.

Slipcovers are great for protecting furniture, if you have nice furniture and have kids who are young or even if you are having a big party or company. If you let your dogs get up on the couch like I do, slipcovers are something to consider, because you can buy a couple of identical sets for the high traffic furniture, and switch them out when one set needs a wash.

If you are hosting an event at your house you can get slipcovers for folding chairs to dress them up and match them to the rest of your furniture.

It is also possible to buy festive slipcovers for holiday events, if you really want to go all out.

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