Make Your Bedroom Five Star – Part Two

Don’t forget the non visible aspects of comfort for your bedroom. Make sure the bed in not placed directly over or under an air vent, this way air can circulate optimally throughout the room. If you are into music, place speakers throughout the room in hidden places. Having a thick carpet pad always increases comfort in a room. If you can add extra insulation between your walls you can make your bedroom feel like more of a haven.

There are several lighting techniques that can make a bedroom feel classier. For instance, put dimmer controls on all of your lights. Closet lights that turn on when the closet door is opened are extremely handy. Lots of lighting in the bathroom, including a lighted make up mirror, wall sconces, lighting in the tub or shower area, and overhead light, is a real plus. Reading lights on each side of the bed that are individually controlled are quite useful as well.
Everyone gets the craving for a midnight snack at least once in a while. It is very luxurious to be able to satisfy that craving with out leaving your bedroom. You could consider having a minifridge in your bedroom with a little pantry above it that might include a coffee maker for the morning.

A desk in the bedroom can be used for work, reading, or, if you put a mirror over it, for applying make up. You can also add an extra chair or an ottoman to this mix. Ottomans are great because they can be used for either sitting or for propping your feet.

Check back soon for part three of this blog!

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