Using Roman Blinds In Decorating

Roman shades are oblong shaped pieces of material that are designed to be lowered and raised in folds of equal size. The construction is a combination of rings, drawstrings and poles that span the width of the blind. When totally extended, the blind is usually flat, although some designs have small folds around the area of the poles. The blind is suspended from a panel which is fixed to the top of the window frame, or the wall above the window.

It is possible to add a lining to roman blinds, both for increased insulation in cold weather, and to add privacy. Being a single piece of fabric these style blinds can be quite transparent when the interior lights are on, unless they are well lined. The lining also makes them heavier and can therefore make them hang better.

These are a particularly versatile type of window covering and can be used in virtually any room of the house to add a stylish touch. When decorating you should consider roman blinds as a simple but very effective form of window covering. They can be made from a range of materials to suit your particular tastes, or existing d├ęcor. They can give a homely touch to bedrooms or kitchens, and can be used as sheers together with drapes to really enhance that formal dining area.

Making your own roman blinds is a very simple task for anyone with a sewing machine and a little patience. You can pick up a variety of patterns and designs from interior design magazines, sewing stores or the internet. If you do not feel up to the job, however, there are a fantastic range of reasonably priced roman blinds available in home stores nationwide. You should have no trouble finding something to complement whichever room you are redecorating.

Roman shades are an eye-catching and very fashionable alternative to curtains and they can really add to the feel of whichever room you are decorating, whether that is rich, soft and old fashioned, or cutting edge minimalist. Whatever you choose, your visitors will always stop for a second look at your stylish new blinds.

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