Easy Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you're in the midst of a bathroom remodeling project or you're interested in updating other rooms, shower curtain rods can make interesting interior design accessories.

Of course, they can be used in the bathroom, where they're best known for holding up the shower curtain, but you can also get quite creative with them in other areas of the house. They're perfect for those on a budget, as they make great decorating accents and won't break the bank.

Use them in the bedroom to camouflage design flaws or unsightly areas in the room. They can be used in creating closet doors. Pressure-mounted rods simply require a flick of the wrist to adjust them to the width of the area to be hidden. A shower curtain pole can't hold much weight, as it's designed to hold a shower curtain. Thus, they're unsuitable for hanging clothing or other heavy items on, but as doors, supporting lightweight material, they work beautifully.

They might also be used to create a romantic canopy over the bed. Suspend two from the ceiling, one even with and parallel to the end of the bed, and one lined up the same way, but at the head of the bed. Drape a long scarf of fabric over both poles and let it cascade down over the head and the foot. It's a visually stunning look, and it's reasonably inexpensive to do.

The uses for shower curtain rods don't stop there. They can be used in your kitchen to disguise an unsightly area, such as a pantry or a laundry room. They can be outfitted with lightweight, kitchen-appropriate material. They can even be coordinated with existing window treatments or d├ęcor in your kitchen.

They work well as regular curtain rods in a pinch. If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to block the sun, or perhaps control the temperature in a room, you can stitch up a simple curtain to hang on the window. Make sure to allow for a larger pocket than you would for a standard curtain rod. This curtain, hung in place, will help to control the temperature and the light coming into the room.

The wide selection of curtain rods in the marketplace makes it easy to decorate your home quickly and simply. You can choose a different type of rod for a completely different look. Crescent shaped rods, which are hung in the shower to allow for more room in the shower, can make a statement when used elsewhere in the home. You can get more creative with the attachments, too. Depending on the look you're wishing to attain, you can use ties, ribbons or fun clips to affix the curtains to the pole.

These are just a few suggestions for the use of shower rods. They're a simple and cost-effective way to provide privacy and make a design statement

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