home interior trends 2011

New Year 2011 has been a month more to come, a new trend towards an automatic change too quickly will certainly happen, almost on all sides of our lives. The most appropriate way to start the new year is beginning to change your interior design, but be careful because there are always new trends this year.

In 2011 the trends in interior design will be more attention to the family and will show a high interest to the style of 'vintage', as one of the first priority in saving money. Current economic situation will make many of us to want to go back nostalgic about the past. The so-called "color - the color of old" to remind us of the past will become one of the most sought-after design trends this year. Brown, green, orange or navy blue would be very compatible with this trend.

For accessories such as furniture will be back with the old, in addition to budget savings, indirectly we have also contributed to protecting the environment.

This year's interior design style would revive the past, designers tend to return to a pattern - a pattern of flowers, a symbol - a symbol of Africa and America will be much re-applied, and shapes - geometric shapes.

Various shades of gray and white will be the most neutral color used this year, the gray will be used in many combinations with other colors, and various colors of yellow, as an accent color. You also can create accessories combination of materials - glass materials, crystals or even gold or steel.

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