Unique homes, can rotate 360 degrees

unique house that can rotate 360 degrees is owned by the couple, luke and debie Everingham. purpose of designing a house husband and wife ii like this in order to follow the direction of Stringed sun.

The rooms of the building is octagonal shaped (octagonal) was designed to get lots of light, and thanks to the unique shape, is also a recording room seem more spacious. All rooms are associated with a major iron and electrical connections around the house.

Rotation mechanism is driven by two small electric engines that have power no greater than that used in a washing machine and controlled using a touch screen panel.

The couple, who spent approximately USD 6 billion to design and build the house, said the idea of building the house was born when they talk with neighbors about their new home. The neighbors suggested they build a house overlooking
15 degrees to the north.

Debbie Everingham replied that the proposal by saying, "Why not build a house that can rotate." Her husband, Luke Everingham (47), challenged. Luke says, "Immediately, I think. First about weight. Houses on average weighed about 20-30 tons. The weight is not difficult, (that matters), mechanical and structural rakayasa. Shape? The conventional form of a rectangular prism does not match. After try to scale images to investigate the octagonal and circular shapes, I was surprised. A number of initial design and layout is created. "

Property with a diameter of 24 meters it also has a long veranda around three meters. "This is a magical place to live because you can mendapakan the most out of the weather and the environment. The problem is, you sometimes disoriented," said Luke Everingham, as reported by Dailymail

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