Choosing Bathroom Light Fixtures

There are many many different kinds of bathroom light fixtures, from the antiques to the modern and sleek versions. Some people use oil lamps and candles as light sources in the bathroom, and this is not only a clever and economical idea, but it adds a certain exotic and sensual ambience to what might otherwise be a boring room in your house. And there are special light for helping you see yourself in the mirror when applying make up or putting in and taking out your contact lenses, or shaving and other little tasks that require better lighting conditions. These can be installed in such a way that they are only used when you need them, and other lights, like overhead lamps, can be used for general purposes to light up an otherwise dark bathroom. Some people use skylights, in fact, to keep the level of the light in the bathroom adequate, and this is another option for you to experiment with, while looking at the various ways to add light to this room of your house.

If you have antique or older bathroom light fixtures, such as the lovely little Art Deco style lights in my own bathroom, these are wonderful, but can be problematic when you go to look for bulbs that still fit them. But don’t despair, because many modern bulbs do fit the old fixtures, and if they do not, you can often have a lighting pro retrofit your fixture so that it will accept modern light bulbs. Always check to make sure that any fixture, especially one that is old, is wired safely and properly, and that there are ground fault curcuit interruptors or other safety features added to the electrical switches and outlets that might come in contact with water, which can certainly be a safety issue.

Once you have found the bathroom light fixtures that meet your specs and taste, be sure to stock up on bulbs, so that if yours run out you don’t have to search all over town to find replacements, because many bathroom lights have special kinds of bulbs that are not like the ones ordinary sold in grocery stores, drug stores, and other convenient locations in your area.

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